Yummy Mehndi give aways you want for your event……

Delicious, pretty and yummy are the words one can use to describe favours for this event. Use your wackiest creativity for favours for your Mehndi event. How lucky are we as Indians to be able to host such a fun event like the Mehndi or Henna function. Oodles of colours and cute trinklets. We have shortlisted a few of some super cool Mehndi give aways for your wedding. Pay a little attention to souring some of these cuties while planning your wedding and Mehndi.

1) Will never die! Glass bangles

Although what you can do obviously is to use it differently. Try getting your wedding planner (in case you don’t have a planner, you can get a local tailor to do this)

Wedding Planner Bangalore

Source – 3Productions

2) Mehndi candles and Bangles

These are quite interesting too. Any candle maker can do this if you offer a basic design. Unique and always been quite a hit at the events.

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Source – Pinterest

3) Mehndi cookies

Of course, this one is not a carry with you kinda favour.Its pretty, colourful and edible! The guys will love it.

Destination Weddings Planners in Bangalore

Source – Pinterest

4) Embroidered clutches

This one is a must try! Use pinks, burnt  oranges and dark purple colours for these. You can opt for silk, jute or even straw or cane clutches.

Best Wedding Planner Bangalore Best Wedding Planners Bangalore

Source – Pinterest

5) Tried and Tested, but always a hit – The Parandis!

You could be from the South or the North but there ain’t no woman who does not like to struct around in hair pleated with these babies! So go get your swag on. Do it Now!

Bangalore Wedding Planners

Source – Pinterest

6) Cute and not done before – Unique iPad cases

Well, why not? When we try so many things. Be different try something that people may actually out to use!

Wedding Planner in Bangalore

Source – CraftCanvas – Facebook

7) Floral jewellery


Who would like like to adorn themselves with these right? Keep a few of these in a basket.  The ladies will love it.

Wedding Planners Bangalore Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Source – 3Productions and pinterest