South Indians weddings are fun! No matter what they say…….

The South VS North is a never ending battle for the first place. Even so that its now taken over weddings. For ages we’ve been hearing the weddings in the north of India are more fun and has all the yummyness. Here is a list of the the awesome things the South has to offer…..

  1.  Fun traditional ceremonies : –

a) Oonjal/Swing Ceremony – This a  custom in Tam-Bhram Weddings. The couple are made to sit on the “Oonjal” or swing which is rocked gently. The swing’s oscillating motion is a message to the couple that they must stay strong together during the challenges and joys of life. Relatives and friends sing auspicious songs, blessing the couple. They are offered milk and bananas and the ladies from both the families throw coloured rice balls in four directions to ward off evil spirits. This ritual also signifies support of that family and friends during the couple’s married life.

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b) Malai Mathal

Now, this one’s uber fun. The bride and groom are carried by the uncles and brothers (imagine a rock concert and people sitting on other people’s back…. yea you get the point) and fight to escape each other’s garlands! Can ya  imagine!

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b) Games

This is post wedding activity to see who wears the pants in the relationship

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3) Cool Bridal entries

Be it in a basket or a procession led by girls of the family with silver plates with flowers, the ladies enter in style.

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2.  Nothing can possibly beat a hearty South Indian Banana leaf meal, now can it?

The plantain leaf meal differs by a few components from region to region. It is more or less the same generically

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