Savitha and Kishore – Wedding planning of an Ultra Gorgeous South Indian Wedding

This ultra gorgeous, uber style ooze wedding we planned was such fun! Thank you Savitha and Kishore for being the most wonderful couple to work with.

Savitha and Kishore met through their love for cars and automobiles and the relationship blossomed into love and courtship for 4 years before they became man and wife.

Our team of wedding planners from 3Productions helped plan all details of the 5 events – Engagement, Sangeeth, Mehndi, Wedding and Reception.

The engagement was bling and deep coloured.

The Mehndi was obviously fun and vibrant

The Sangeeth was a night of letting loose and 2 primary focus points – Dance floor and the bar!

The Reception was opulent and heavy on flowers

The Wedding was floral heavy and rich with red and gold hues.

As Wedding Planners from Bangalore we understand the importance of a confluence of heavy and subtle which is what Savitha and Kishore’s wedding was to us.


In Saviitha’s words :


Wedding and Reception – White Feather convention Centre

Sangeet – Manipal County

Mehendi – Swathi Hotel

Pre-wedding shoot – Mangalore

Photographer – Savitha Patil

She’s a talented photographer who always relay on the concept of “not taking the photographs., but making the photographs ”

And also has the power of good observation which brings life’s into each and everything photographs.

Videographer – Gomtesh Upadhye

Comet Factory

Gomtesh is a simple and humble person , with a very talented team .

His nature shows the outcome of excellent work.

Make-up artist – Manjusha Bajaj

Manjush endeavours to give every client a flawless and stunning look by making wonders by her airbrush makeup.

She’s one of the best makeup artist whom I have met lately.

Trousseau /Wedding Outfit :-

Bride :

1) Sabyasachi For Reception

2) Sandhya Kiran Reddy for Muhurtham and all other pre-wedding events


Groom :- Corneliani

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