What’s your number?

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Your big day is fast approaching and every element in your décor has been customized to reflect you…except your table numbers! A creation by our western counterparts, table numbers and the order they provide are slowly finding their way into the country. Although table numbers play a major role in letting people know where to sit and keeping everything organized, they do not add to the décor, but instead have quite the opposite effect. Here’s how you can turn practical to pretty with a little ribbon, lace and fun!

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The first step is to get your table chart ready. It is important that you have a clear idea of where everyone is sitting (your nani and dadi -up front and centre; that annoying neighbour who talks to much – right at the back 😉 ). This is will also help give you a clear idea of how many tables you will require.

Second, at the venue, place a seating chart at the entrance to let your guests know where exactly they will be seated.

Finally, ensure each table has a number to help guests locate their seats. There are number of innovative ways to customize your table numbers to blend in or enhance the decor.

The Easel

Replace the traditional table card holders with more interesting options like miniature stands or easels. You can even further customize them it to go with the theme of your wedding or add in an element or design from your invites to tie them to the wedding.Wedding consultants in Bangalore


A photo frame is perfect to to place your table numbers in.You can pick out a frame that suits the wedding decor best or make each table different with their own unique frame.

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Cut It Out

The Laser cut card is perfect for any decor theme or colour. Team it up with a delicate stand and you are good to go!

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Picture Perfect

Pictures of the couple make a cute addition to the table as table numbers. Your guests will love it.

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The Runner

Go big and bold yet discreet with your table numbers printed onto your table runner. This works best with community style seating!

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Around the Block

Keep your table numbers simple with number blocks. These are readily available, are easy to customize and will is perfect for any kind of decor!

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Books make a the perfect option for a couple who are book lovers or at a vintage themed wedding. You can add a twist to it and make the books your give-aways!

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Table numbers can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. What is important to ensure is that they tie in with your decor.