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What’s your number?

Credits: Ann Rose / Sasha La’Brooy
Image Credits: Pinterest

Your big day is fast approaching and every element in your décor has been customized to reflect you…except your table numbers! A creation by our western counterparts, table numbers and the order they provide are slowly finding their way into the country. Although table numbers play a major role in letting people know where to sit and keeping everything organized, they do not add to the décor, but instead have quite the opposite effect. Here’s how you can turn practical to pretty with a little ribbon, lace and fun!

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The first step is to get your table chart ready. It is important that you have a clear idea of where everyone is sitting (your nani and dadi -up front and centre; that annoying neighbour who talks to much – right at the back 😉 ). This is will also help give you a clear idea of how many tables you will require.

Second, at the venue, place a seating chart at the entrance to let your guests know where exactly they will be seated.

Finally, ensure each table has a number to help guests locate their seats. There are number of innovative ways to customize your table numbers to blend in or enhance the decor.

The Easel

Replace the traditional table card holders with more interesting options like miniature stands or easels. You can even further customize them it to go with the theme of your wedding or add in an element or design from your invites to tie them to the wedding.Wedding consultants in Bangalore


A photo frame is perfect to to place your table numbers in.You can pick out a frame that suits the wedding decor best or make each table different with their own unique frame.

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Cut It Out

The Laser cut card is perfect for any decor theme or colour. Team it up with a delicate stand and you are good to go!

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Picture Perfect

Pictures of the couple make a cute addition to the table as table numbers. Your guests will love it.

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The Runner

Go big and bold yet discreet with your table numbers printed onto your table runner. This works best with community style seating!

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Around the Block

Keep your table numbers simple with number blocks. These are readily available, are easy to customize and will is perfect for any kind of decor!

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Books make a the perfect option for a couple who are book lovers or at a vintage themed wedding. You can add a twist to it and make the books your give-aways!

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Table numbers can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. What is important to ensure is that they tie in with your decor.


Wedding shoes you’ll want to wear

Credits : Crystal D’sa

For all those shoeaholics outs there- this one is for you. I most definitely fall into this category

Shoe 1- Pink Satin Slingback Heels

‘Butter Shoes’ has embellished peep-toe pumps to glittery flats, show-stopping wedding shoes that suit any style.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 2- Cap Toe Patent Leather Pumps

Adele inspired Swarovski-studded bow lends some sparkly edge to this otherwise ladylike pump.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 3- Embellished Gold Sandals

No Mediterranean destination wedding is complete without a metallic sandal embellished with gems.

Destination Weddings Planner

Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 4- Embellished Flat Sandals

Forget the flip-flops! A chic beach wedding calls for goddess-inspired sandals with lots of bling.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 5- Wedges!!!

It’s quirky enough for outdoor nuptials that demands an out-of-the-ordinary shoe that’s grass-friendly. These do the trick!

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 6- Pumps Pumps Pumps!

For a cosmopolitan ceremony, choose a chic shoe in a timeless wedding shade.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 7- Satin Black Pumps with a Pearl Platform

Such unexpected detailing like this unique pearl platform on classic black wedding shoes.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 8 -Silver Lace Booties

For brides hoping to channel the vintage style, these delicate lace booties exude Victorian-era elegance and grace.

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Photo credits: Pintrest



Shoe 9- Strappy Silver Stilettos

Go for serious city girl glamour with a pair of sleek, sexy stilettos.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 10- Suede Embellished Heel Peep Toe Pumps

You’ll make a dramatic exit in these peep-toe pumps with intricate, embellished heels.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


Shoe 11-Floral Watercolor Pumps

Take your island wedding style to the next level with floral-printed pumps or if sparkly is more your style, try these multicoloured ones on for size.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


Shoe 12- Blush Leather and Silk Pump with Feathers

Upgrade from a plain pump to this pretty silk and leather stunner with feathery finishes.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


“That’s all?” , you say. More shoes sometime soon.

3P Talks – A Quick Chat With Our Ace Planner Crystal

Credits: Vijay Isaac

Crystal from 3 Productions has come a long way chasing her dream to be a wedding planner. Here’s us sitting down with her for a quick chat:

-Being a part of the wedding industry is the exact opposite of a 9-5, what’s your typical day at the ‘office’ like?

Crystal: Well, firstly there are no typical days in the wedding industry. It’s always something new, but the office clock ticks around a balanced schedule of planning and executing weddings. I ideally like to work within prefixed brackets and plan my day schedules of calls, mails and market trips.

-While most people aim to get a cushioned desk job, you chose to put together fairy-tale weddings – clearly it’s a passion, where does it stem from?

Crystal: It all goes back to my childhood days which are when I used to attend a minimum of 10 to 15 weddings every year. While the wedding party focused on the couple, I always had my eyes on the decor & the embossing on invites.  However, three years back I made a definite choice after having had the opportunity to plan my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary – I just knew I belonged to the world of weddings.

Photo Credits: George Seemon

-Any interesting wedding experiences or incidents you want to talk about?

Crystal: Every wedding has something interesting going on. Couples now choose a baraat for the Sangeet and not specifically for the wedding. The most adorable incident that I’ve witnessed occurred at a December wedding where a 9-month old baby strapped onto a baby sling became a part of a mini flash mob organized for the couple!


Photo Credits: George Seemon Photography

-When you plan to walk down the aisle, would you plan your own wedding? A no to this question asked would be ironical.

Crystal: Beyond a shadow of doubt, this would be a 100% YES! I’d want to do plan my wedding with my family and close friends – I’d have it no other way.



Photo Credits: Pinterest


 -What places in India and out of India make for ideal and strikingly beautiful wedding destinations?

Crystal: In India, there are the ‘glamorous by default’ places like: The Leela, on the secluded Morbor beach; the Taj Exotica on the quiet Varca beach at Goa; and quite a number of diverse places in Jaipur, Udaipur and Kerala. Stepping on to foreign shores, you have Jamaica, New York City, Thailand, etc. However, I think the backyard of your farm house could be a perfect wedding destination too; with flowers, rustic elements and fabric you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how an otherwise regular place can look.


The Braid-y Bunch

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy


Whether you’re the bride, the maid-of-honour or even the mother of the bride, there is a braided style to suit you. Braids have been around since time immemorial and have always been a hot favourite with brides, both Western and Indian alike. It started out as a simple three strand twist; today, the braid has evolved into (for the better, I might add) more complicated and intricate styles.  If the look you are going for is elegant yet stylish, the braid is definitely for you!  Here are a few styles you could consider!


The Braided Chignon

1. Braided Chignon

Inspired by Grace Kelly, the braided chignon is subtle yet elegant. Although the name seems complicated, the braided chignon is a simple braid wrapped into a bun at the nape of the neck. Top it off with a sleek tiara, a bejeweled comb or flowers to add a touch of contemporariness to the look.


The Braided Bun

2.Braided bun


A little less princess and a little more queen, the braided bun is for the bride who wants to look absolutely regal on her BIG day. This slicked back style is a braid coiled in epic proportions with the help of a more than a few extensions. We definitely recommend it for the traditional Indian bride!


The Fishtail Braid

3.fishtail braid

This one is a hot favourite among the PYTs of both Hollywood and Bollywood. Perfect for the contemporary, new age bride (western or Indian), the fishtail is a combination of classy yet current.  You can spice it up with a reverse French braid around the head to give the style some volume. Add a tiny dose of sexy by making it purposefully messy. The style suits both a simple tiara and flowers, whichever you prefer.


The Sideswept Braid

4.Side swept French Braid


If simple is what you have in mind, try the side swept braid. Absolutely easy to do and maintain, it is a low key yet interesting take on the normal pinned back braid. Perfect for the Indian bride.


The Waterfall Braid

5.Waterfall braid

Having an outdoor wedding? The waterfall braid is perfect for you! A little complex but totally stunning, the waterfall braid will definitely give your down do that outdoorsy look. Forego the accessories and pretty it up with a few pretty wild flowers. If you must have a veil, opt for a back veil.


The French Braid


Big in the 90s and an all time favourite, the French braid is classy, elegant and stylish. If you are going the traditional route, pretty it up with flowers and beads. It you are inclined to be slightly more experimental, you can always do a side swept French braid.  And for the completely contemporary, yet regal look, try a French braid bun – we recommend a hair trial for this one!


The Briad-y Bunch


 As cheesy as the name sounds, if you are looking for an interesting, regal hair-do – this is it! The not-so-simple style is in essence a bunch of braids (the number can vary depending on how intricate you want it) pinned up over each other just above the nape of the neck. A style that suits both Indian and western brides alike, you can dress it up with flowers or a veil or even a jeweled clip.


The Halo


Very popular with western brides and flower girls, the halo involves two or three braids wrapped across the head similar to a hair band.  Accessorized with delicate flowers or a simple tiara, the halo is ideal for brides with wavy hair. To add a little interest to the style, combine it with a loose chignon.




There are many things you can do with braids. The key is to choose a style that suits your features. In the run up to your big day, we definitely recommend discussing your favorite styles with your hair dresser, trying out a few, and if you have an exceptional hair dresser (lucky you!), maybe even playing around with the styles to find one that suits you best. And of course, the cardinal rule for everything you do with regard to your wedding attire applies here too – take someone who will give you an honest opinion along!

Rock It Out – Top 5 Rock Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Credits: Vijay Isaac

Profound in their contexts and heartwarming in their audible presence, rock songs about love can be amongst the best things to happen at your wedding. We’ve taken the pains to find for you five of the best rock ballads that can be played at your wedding – keep on ‘marrying’ in the free world:

1.Firehouse – You Are My Religion


For a song from a band that’s mostly known for their rock numbers devoted to love, ‘You Are My Religion’ comes as no surprise. On this wedding rock favorite, Firehouse takes their guitar + mush-quotient to a very adorable level. How else can you explain lyrics as charming as this; “You’ve come and saved me, For all eternity, In the name of the Father and the Son, You are my religion….”

2. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing


A radio-regular and a rock classic, no wedding can be complete without this heartfelt ballad from Aerosmith’s tuneful cellars. What makes this song so special is that you don’t necessarily need to be a fan of rock music to fall in love with it. Universal in its appeal and strong in its composition, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ is arguably one of Aerosmith’s most memorable hits – don’t not play it at your wedding.

3. Bread – Baby I’m A Want You


Not too many people may have heard this Bread hit, nonetheless, it’s a still a great song. Musically, it’s pleasing to the ears and lyrically it’s as honest as it gets. Slightly ambient and excessively enjoyable, ‘Baby I’m A Want You’ is a sweet-sounding delight all the way.

4. Eagles – Love Will Keep Us Alive


Most people only know the Eagles as a synonym for ‘Hotel California’, but for a true fan of the iconic band, there’s so much more to their music. In this case, ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’, serves as a prime example. Crisp in its sounding and melodic in its maneuvers, this song is really a glass of cooled wine on a hot summer afternoon – give in to its thrills on the day of your nuptials.

5. Mr. Big – Nothing But Love

Paul Natkin Archive

Known for their hard-hitting riffs and musical dexterity, Mr. Big’s ‘Nothing But Love’ is a toned-down surprise for fans of the band and rock music in general. Released when the band was in its prime and taken from their hit album ‘Bump Ahead’, this song is everything you’d look for in a rock number. Soft at parts and loveably loud when required – don’t give this one a miss.

A Saree Affair – The art of choosing a blouse design

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy

If there was ever an outfit that pays the ultimate tribute to the female form, and never goes out of style, it is the saree. Dating back to as far as 1800 BC, sarees have been the traditional attire of the Indian woman, whatever the occasion may be. The one aspect that has changed over the decades, however, is the design of the blouse. Today’s bride has a wide gamut of options to choose from – an interesting yet daunting task. The trick is to choose a design that will flatter you.

To get you started, here are a few options.

Traditional Styles:

The round and square neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Probably the first neckline to be used for saree blouses, the round and square neck suits just about everyone and looks good on both tall and short women alike.

Rectangular and oval neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

The rectangular and oval neckline is best suited to shorter women. However, if the saree is heavy, opt for a designer back instead.

Chinese collar


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Made famous by actress Rekha, the Chinese collar is perfect for women with longer necks. It accentuates the neck and makes the saree look all the more appealing.

High neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Again, ideal for women with long necks, the high neck emphasizes their best feature. If you are looking into wearing a high necked blouse, try adding in heavy embellishments around the neckline for that oomph factor, especially if it is a light saree.

3/4th Sleeves


Photo Credits: Pinterest


Nothing says class like the 3/4th sleeve. Flattering on women of all shapes and sizes, the 3/4th sleeve is fashionable and suits every kind of saree. You can go traditional with a simple square neck or spice it up a bit with a plunging neckline at the back!


Contemporary Styles:

Knots and ties


Photo Credits: Pinterest

A favourite with most women, back ties add an element of interest to the back neckline especially with low necks. Another interesting design is the back knot. If you are looking to add some character to your blouse, the knot is definitely a good way to go.



Photo Credits: Pinterest

Mirror work and stones are a good option, especially if the saree is on the plainer side. A heavily blinged up blouse will definitely give your outfit a richer look.



Photo Credits: Pinterest

A style for the truly contemporary bride, cut work is the perfect combination of classy and radical and designed to emphasize your favourite feature, be it your neck, your back or your hands.

A few more thoughts on the subject!

Contemporary styles suit slim women best. You can try sleeveless or puffed blouses or even high necked and collared blouses.

The most versatile shape, the athletic/mid range woman, can pull off just about any design. Short sleeves will work best to your advantage, although the long, net sleeves are a good option. For you we say go wild and choose what you like!

If you are on the chubbier side, avoid puffed sleeves and sleeveless blouses. Opt for 3/4th sleeves to best accentuate your figure. You can also play around with boat necks and v-necks or even a choli styled blouse.

In the end, whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Discomfort shows and you will have a long night ahead. So choose a design that you feel good in!

Weeding is a Not a Wedding! Without a CAKE!!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Most couples would feel that a wedding is not a wedding without a cake. Brides as we know it mostly invest a lot of time finding the perfect one for the special day. But let’s just take a trip down memory lane and figure out where it all began.

How it all started?

Roman times- Well cakes were not yet invented at the time, so mostly they used a loaf of freshly baked bread to do the tradition. So why was this done? They believed it would benefit and provide good fortune.


Photo credits:

Medieval Period- The custom was to stack sweet buns in a pile end and the couple would try to kiss over the pile. If they succeeded, they would be blessed with children.


Photo Credits:

17th to 19th century-The brides pie was introduced. It was either made of minced pie, filled with sweet buns or mutton. The bride would hide her ring inside the pie and then distribute sliced pie to her female guests. The lucky lady would be next in line to marry!

Even before stacking of cakes represented fertility and modern tradition leads us to believe that the bottom layer is cut to symbolize continuity of their relationship.

So does it matter what the ideal cake should be made of?


Photo Credits:

You could pretty much fancy it any way if you’re not big cake fan. We’ll show you how!


Photo Credits:

For those brides and grooms that wish to creative, this is a small means to do it. If couples today get a baraat for the sangeet and not the wedding day, a truffle cake can most definitely substitute a sponge plum cake. A creative cake can create quite the statement and well you just very much be the trendsetter!


Flower Power for the summer of 2020!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Red roses, blue violets, purple daisies. Not in a garden, vase or pot; instead, women everywhere are adoring new and fresh ways to place and show flowers wearing them on their head for a maang tikka, on their hand for a bracelet and beautiful rings for their fingers.

pureemotions photography

Photo Credits: Pure Emotions Photography

Kim Kardashian hosted her baby shower, giving all her guests floral crowns one to wear; the Lumineers set a trend with their hit “Flowers in Your Hair”, and there’s Lana Del Rey who’s obsessed with hair flair!


Photo credits:

They’re all vouching for it and so do we..Let’s keep it simple this summer of 2014, after all it’s all about flower power!


Photo credits:

Unplugged Weddings

Credits to Crystal D’sa

Candid Photography…We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

sunitha nadig

Photo Credits: Sunitha Nadig Photography

When you’ve paid anything from many thousands or over a lakh, why would you want your guests ruining it for you?

A valuable takeaway from this article is the ‘unplugged’ wedding concept which basically implies that  the bride and groom asks the guests not to take any kind of shots during the actual ceremony itself. After the ceremony is entirely over, it’s the couples choice to grant permission! Let’s just let the photographers do the job they were hired to do and guests can just enjoy… well … being guests.



Do you see that? Now you may ask me WHY??? How I dread questions that start with ‘W’, but I  will tell you exactly why so!



When your photos come back from your photographer, all your guest shots include your favorite people staring at their hi-fi devices. every guest is tweeting or posting the whole wedding on facebook. I thought they were present to be with you.


Source: Corey Ann Photography

Flash from the camera- the photographers biggest enemy!

Really you might have just killed that moment- the first kiss, the first hug, or that tear drop falling from the brides eye.


 Source: Corey Ann Photography

The smaller enemy- The red dot!



Photo bombing pictures might be fun during the after party but you might just be uninvited to the couples future events!



All the beep, beep, click, flash…the noise pollution during your most intimate moment. It was supposed to be an intimate wedding that’s now just paparazzi.

I’m not the only one who vouches for this concept, the experts say so too. Stay tuned to know what’s their take on an Unplugged Wedding.

Accessories for gorgeous Indian brides

Credits to Crystal D’sa

Venue… Check!
Candid Photographer… Check!
Candid cinematography… Check!
Fiance… Oh yes! Check!

accessories for ME…Oh no… Can’t check!”

After haven taken care of the most important wedding decisions- choosing your wedding accessories should be the next thing on your wedding checklist. Indian women are beautiful and make gorgeous brides, but you can’t achieve this without the best Indian wedding accessories to accomplish your outfit.

Indian bridal accessories:

Shoes- One of the most overlooked accessories! What you need to remember while buying these, ‘COMFORT!’
These will support you for the entire day, so opt for comfort over style! MY advice- Wear them around the house for an house for a week. Let’s avoid those painful shoe bites now!

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Jewelry- The most displayed accessory on you. Your mother, his mother, the photographer and everyone at your wedding will be out to look at what rests on your neck. COMFORT- a mantra you should bear in mind. Coordinate your buy with your outfit. If your outfit is heavy, stay simple and light on your jewelry.

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Purse- I recommend that every bride should carry one. It’s an add-on to your outfit but also practical. What needs to go into it- your phone, compact, lipstick and tissues.Let it be of moderate size, elegant and practical for your use.

Bindi- North, South, East or West; every bride has a different look. Coordinate your bindi with other forehead decor and hairstyle.

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Anklets- ‘The new bride announces her entry into her husbands house with the tinkling of her payal’, so I read. Tinkling or not, it’s auspicious to wear them at your wedding. It could be gold, silver, beaded wood, crystals or semi- precious stones. Ideally an anklet needs to be 2-3 inches larger than your ankle size so that the embellishments fall right under the ankle bone.

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Armbands- There are varieties exquisitely hand crafted in gold, zircon stones and other precious stones. Armbands or Bajuband is given to the bride by her sister-in-law to protect the bride for the rest of her life.

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Nose rings- Considered as one of the signs of getting married, a way of honoring Parvathi ( Hindu Goddess of marriage) or a style statement; when opting for one on your wedding day bear in mind that it should compliment your trousseau, face cut and other jewelry. Available in studs, rings and nath.

Earrings- Keep them simple and elegant. You don’t want your photographs showing your earlobes stretching due to the weight.

Rings- The engagement ring is one of many rings, but brides can opt to put more than one for a wholesome look. ‘Haathpool’, bracelet with rings is something brides can opt for a holistic, rich look.

Bangles- It could be glass or gold. It completes the married look.

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Mehendi- This would essentially depend on which part of India you come from. Try it out and test it to ensure you’re not allergic to it.

Mang tika- Also called Shringar; a central piece attached to a string on one and a hook on the other.Your face is the most photographed, so try a sample shoot with your makeup and accessories to evaluate if they compliment each other.

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Source: www.shaadikigali,.com

Makeup- This is a ‘make or break’! Have skin treatments started a year prior to your wedding and have a makeup trial done to pick out a look for your wedding. You don’t want to be shocked with what you see in the mirror.

Nail polish- choose a dark colour because being an Indian bride you would have had haldi and mehendi ceremonies. This could have stained your finger nails. French manicure is out of the option for you; opt for maroon, red or gold.

Toe rings- Also called bichua, the toe ring is very important in many states in India. Think from a photography aspect- how would you want it to look. Also, ladies think – COMFORT!

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Waistband- Also called kamarband, an accessory to accentuate your waistline. Keep pattern in mind, you don’t want it poking through your skin while you sit.

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Every brides mantra- “Comfort, Smile, Happiness”