Haldi Ceremony in Indian Weddings – Tradition With A Twist


What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word “Haldi Ceremony?” Is it the yellow paste, the beautiful bride painted in haldi, people playing around and rubbing haldi on each other and having fun, fragrance of the bright yellow and orange marigolds, the joyous ethnic music or maybe it’s all of them together.

Haldi is an intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends. The challenging part that most often remains is how to balance out the tradition with the fun.

Fear not, because here we provide a solution for your family and friends to make your haldi more fun traditionally!

  1. Okhali/Rokali – Back in old days mashing haldi in Rokali/Okhali by ladies was considered as the start of the ceremony. Bring in your friends and cousins to do this ritual and give them a taste of an old tradition. Rokali/rolu (as called in south India) not only adds fun to the haldi experience but also acts as a décor element in the overall setup by tying marigold flowers around it.

Photo Credits: MY Stories

  1. Drum Sieve – This is one of the popular traditions in Telegu weddings where bride & Groom get bathed in water pouring from a drum sieve. The fun of seeing friends waiting for their turns to splash water (sometimes ice cold) over the bride/groom so that they will not miss out on this onetime opportunity is incomparable. The drum sieve can be turned into a beautiful chandelier by adding a few marigold and roses and hung to approachable height above the bride/groom. This sieve-turned-chandelier will add a wow effect to your bride/groom’s throne.

Haldi : Rashna & Nikhil

  1. Pichkoos“Balam pichkari jo tune mjhe maari” this reminds us of Deepika Padukone splashing water from pichkari towards Ranbir Kapoor as he gets down from the bus and rest is history. These pichkoos will give you such cherishable memories if added to your haldi ceremony list. Pichkoos are available in most shops around the year, all you need is haldi water to be kept ready in designed pots and don’t forget to add some flower petals to it. Do consult with your wedding planner to add this to your fun element for haldi ceremony.

Photo Credits: The Con Artists

  1. Colour bombs – The most trending wedding photos are the ones in which couples emerge from colorful smoke or kissing under the smoke cloud. These colour bombs will give you a Holi vibe without actually covering you under colour. All you need are your cousins, friends and ample number of these colour bombs to give you some unforgettable pictures. Be ready to get flooded with likes 😉

Photo Credits: Going Bananas Photography

  1. Floral jewelry – Floral jewelry is the most trending jewelry worn by brides during their haldi. While a complete set of floral jewelry helps the bride stand out amongst the crowd, why not give away a piece of floral ornament to your attendees to make them feel a special. It can just be maang tika, a bracelet or a floral ring or just a round of jasmine mala around the wrist which can be worn by both males and females’ attendees. A small addition of the element can change the entire experience of your guests.

Photo Credits: Weddings by Knotty Days

We hope this small addition of above elements to your haldi ceremony will make it an event to remember. And don’t forget to share pictures of you and your squad with colourful photo bombs or you getting splashed with water! #ahaldiceremonytoremember