Choosing your wedding flower – Useful tips

Come April and Wedding Season’s here! From the sehra worn by the groom, traditional bouquets held by the bride to the indispensable flower-garlands-Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. Yellow and orange marigolds, alluring red roses, subtle tulips and kalalilies and exotic orchids, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Flowers not only add vibrancy to the event, but they also create a pleasing ambiance. The creativity and the art of arranging flowers is endless.  Floral designing and planning are very vital aspects of decor and design at your wedding. Various things to keep in mind while choosing your weddings flowers are :

The weather – Roses, lisianthus, marigolds, tulips do not stay fresh for too long in the heat, so if you are planning your wedding around summer or in a hot location try avoiding these flowers.

The season – Many flowers are seasonal so consult with your wedding planner and florist about the most suitable flower to go with, to state one the Hydrangeas are most freely available from May – July, calcutta chrysanthemums are available in plenty during December. Do keep in mind that the cost of flowers also vary.

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Time of function – Do keep in mind when you are choosing your wedding flower about the time of the function, vibrant colours like yellows, oranges and pinks are best suited for a morning affair, try whites, purple and shades of red for an evening event.

Traditional/Cut flowers – use traditional flowers like marigolds, jasmine, rudrakshi for traditional events like mehndi or haldi and stick to cut flowers like carnations and orchids for the cocktails and reception. If you do want to mix the two types, consult your wedding planner to help design it.

Various other factors the can help you select your wedding flowers other than those mentioned above are: Floral styles, budget limitations and personal taste v/s what actually looks best.


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Being wedding planners from Bangalore I can tell you that the city has access to a wonderful variety of local and exotic flowers. The flower market in bangalore which opens at 3 A.M. wakes up to a flurry of activity as florists, flower wholesalers, retailers, wedding decorators and planners from across the country come here to access a wide array of flowers. Here are a few tips as to how you can incorporate flowers at your wedding.

Decor & Ambiance :- Flowers are the perfect answer to transforming a plain-looking chowltry or stage into a beautiful set-up. For day events you can use bright colors and opt for flowers such as marigold and roses. For night events you can go for more soothing colors. Flowers and bells look great together, you can even add fabric to the arrangement to add a touch of elegance.

Entrances:- A lot of times people focus so much on getting the décor on the Mandap and stage right , that the entrance décor takes a back-seat. Well, this is where you’ll be welcoming your guests and more often than not, the entrance to the venue will decide the first-impression of the event, and you want it to be a good one. You can use flower garlands or cut-flowers to create that perfect entrance or welcome-pathway for the guests. You can create a simple arrangement or an elaborate set-up.

Mandaps:- Mandaps are usually the center-of-attention of the wedding and  flowers can add that wow-factor to an otherwise dull mandap. If you have a color theme for your wedding you can choose flowers accordingly.

Flower-Rangolis- Rangolis add an extra color and beauty to your wedding. It is said that rangolis help reduce negative energy and radiate positive energy (which is exactly what you may need on what can be a stressful day!). Flower rangolis look very fresh and attractive. Use your creativity and design a beautiful rangoli. You can make traditional designs or contemporary ones. Add candles and diyas for night events to create a lovely arrangement.

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Center-Pieces-  Flowers can be used in center-pieces. You can create a traditional arrangement or ask your wedding-planner for some innovative designs. Flowers paint a picture of beauty and elegance. Use interesting elements like china crockery, bamboo or even banana leaves that would go hand in hand with your wedding flowers

You can use flower-balls as part of your décor, they look absolutely stunning! You can even create a beautiful arrangement by the food-counter

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Flowers are absolutely delightful , you can flirt with a variety of colors and arrangements. Lilies, roses, orchids, jasmine and marigold, it’s your pick and if you need some creative ideas- The Wedding Planners at 3 Productions are always around to help!.

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