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This was surely memorable one. Megha and Andreas all we can say is the perfect fit! I re-member our first meeting with the couple – cute, handsome and very progressive. The supremely organized yet laid back and friendly nature of Megha and Andreas took to us immediately.

This Indo-German wedding was going to be one fun affair due to the cultural confluence. This brigs us to think that most inter cultural weddings are filled with an air of excitement, surprises and vibrancy as the families break away from the serious moments of the wedding and enjoy a culture new to them. We met for several meeting and scheduled for taking up segments of the wedding each meeting hence covering invites, budgets, décor, guest management, hotel, venue recces etc.

The wedding colours were yellow, orange, purple and white. The invite designed for the wed-ding had the similar flow of colours and the itinerary notes as well. Guests flew in Germany and across India and were put up at hotels across Chennai and welcomed with packaged gift hampers in all rooms.

Mehndi, Sangeeth and the wedding was held at Green Meadows, ECR road. Street food and chaats for mehndi and barbeque and spirits for the Sangeeth. This day was designed with colouful diwan seating, floral carpets and shear fabric hangings across the venue.

The interesting element of the Sangeeth was Polterabend. This is a German custom which in-volves smashing plates and china (but not glass) as a sign of good luck for the married couple.

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