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The Team 3Production Weddings

With a central team that exists at the nucleus of all activity and an extended team comprising wedding planners, wedding decorators, creative designers, execution supervisors, detail-oriented fabricators and a support-vendors network, we have grown from strength to strength and wedding to wedding.

Entrepreneur, Co- Founder & Head of 3 Productions

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Managing Partner & New Businesses Initiator

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Ann Rose George Tharakan

Wedding Planner & Customer Relation

Having completed her masters in Biotechnology, Ann found her calling & love for wedding planning and making sure all her clients are well taken care off at a family event. From then on there was no turning back as she joined 3 Production weddings. Her passion is to be found in the creation of bold and beautiful events. Her attention to detail, meticulous planning and go-getter attitude ensures that every couple gets to have their 'Dream wedding'. In a crisis, Ann is your go-to girl; her ability to calmly think in the midst of chaos and find a solution to an issue is a skill she posseses. Her efficient planning, resourcefulness, expertise and originality assures a wedding that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. Of course, with her spirt and energy, Ann has proved to be most popular with her clients.

When Ann is in't orchestration events, she is most likely travelling or enjoying good music on a starry Bangalore night.

"My favourite 3Productions event was 4 day South Indian wedding with over 5 set ups and managing logistics of over 700 people. I took charge of managing the event and Of course I loved all the attention :-)."

Vijay Kumar

Production and Vendor Manager

Vijay was been a part of the 3Productions team and family for a long time and discovered his passion for executing events and all that goes behind making a event successful. He plays a pivotal role in executing and vendor delivery process of any event. His expert knowledge is brilliantly matched by his enthusiasm and passion for creating incredible events. Vijay's friendly, easy and yet a professional atitude has made him immensely popular with his clients as well as our vendor network. His technical knowledge in the field makes him the most efficient team member to see through the execution of any great event we produce. With a 'can do' attitude, Vijay will always accommodate any request you may have on the day of the event without leaving a stone unturned and always has an eye on the bigger picture.

When time permits, Vijay pursues his two great loves - Photography and chess

"My favourite 3Productions event was the 3 day wedding we did last year at multiple venues, managing the crew and set up and seeing it live was so surreal. The pain of sleepless nights was so worth it"

Uday Kumar

Production and Logistics Manager

Uday is one of the oldest and senior members of the 3Productions family. An absolute professional, Uday oversees the execution and maintaining delivery standards for all our events. An engineer by education and his knowledge extends to all aspects of event execution. His stability and accountability has made him very popular with all his clients who rely on Uday for solutions to challenges if they arise. His calm nature allows him to think through problems with clarity hence seeing though an event holistically including safety and well fare of our guests. Time and again his popularity with guests and resourcefullness of efficient manpower has also developed him into a great logistics manager. With a reliable attitude Uday will always ensure that any request is fulfilled to completion.

Uday's free time is mostly spent in travelling and enjoying the good things in life.

"My favourite 3Productions event was 5 day Sikh wedding in Bangalore, I can proudly say, I handled all aspects of the event to the very last detail. I am as stable as a rock!"

Ramesh Vemparala

Head of Accounts and Financial Controller

A man of many talents, Ramesh is the backbone of 3Productions. With over 14 years of experience under his belt, he is one of our greatest assets. No job too large, No client needs too outrageous, he can handle any request. He is young at heart and always available for anything anyone requires. Self motivated and first one in office, he is our go-to-man to any situation. 3Productions success is largely credited to him . A man of relatively simple pleasures, Ramesh is content by the prospect of a relaxing day by spending time with family.

"This office is my second home and the people here are my family"

Biltu Maiti

Store Manager and Crew chief

Biltu has been with the 3PW family from its inceptions many years ago. Biltu takes care of the complex logistics of 3Productions events ensuring the right equipment supplies head to the right destination. An expert at flowers and procurement, He is responsible for the upkeep of the store and inventory with all the pretty little things we use at our events. His childlike nature makes him a favourite at the 3Productions office and also the subject of all jokes. On a free day he enjoys cruising around the city to find interesting things.


Office Assistant

With an important role at the 3productions office, Srinivas ensures that all of us are well taken care of so that we deliver our best at work. He maintains the office so that the rest of us enjoy a great productive day at work. The first one to enter and the last to leave, he is prepared for anything we throw at him, day or night. On a free day he is content spending time with himself and watching some good old television.

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