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Creative and Unique Wedding Ideas

Something as seemingly insignificant as the choice of the wrapper over a gift given to all attendants goes a long way in leaving a last impression in all those who were present at the wedding. What makes one wedding ceremony more memorable and definitely more enjoyable are, what many might dismiss as trifling matters that merit not more than a cursory glance. It is here that diligence and efficiency come into play and 3Production weddings can hold its head up and say that it is one of the most innovative and dynamic wedding organisations in Bangalore today.

While making every wedding a glamorous event, one that the invitees won't be likely to forget for years to come is an objective that lies at the forefront of all wedding planners, it is equally important to pay attention to the most quotidian of issues such as refreshments, seating arrangements, et al. Innovation comes in many avatars.

A unique idea, for instance, might include serving a local culinary delicacy for lunch or serving water in specially prepared cookie bottles. Having cupcakes carved with the initials of the bride and groom and serving it for dessert is among some of the ingenious ideas that 3Production weddings has pioneered. Creative and optimal utilisation of space is yet another distinctive feature of 3Production weddings. For those who wish to keep their weddings closely knit family affairs and prefer to have their weddings at home, space crunch could turn into a very real problem, one capable of turning the entire wedding into an unmitigated debacle. However, wedding planners, capable of thinking on their feet and with an inexhaustible list of ideas might even turn this shortcoming into an asset by transforming seemingly small spaces into venues of fun and enjoyment. Although new ideas in floral arrangements and photography have today turned into cliché, they bear mentioning here.

Reception ceremonies are remembered largely for beautiful flower patterns and the many memories captured without hassles and least trouble to the guests on camera. When it comes to floral arrangements, it is important for wedding planners to bear in mind that an exceedingly fine line divides tasteful patterns and ostentatious gawdy arrangements that make the beholder want to turn his or her eye from the stage. Wedding organisers astute enough to discern this line will ensure that the flowers are arranged most decorously and that those responsible for photography remain as unobtrusive a presence in the proceedings as possible. It is in these departments that innovation and enterprise play a visible role.

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