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Garden Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Tamarind Tree

The one expression that most succinctly captures the enduring essence and appeal of 'Tamarind Tree' is 'In Mother Nature's lap'. Set in the midst of five acres of a dense forest, which includes an ancient Tamarind Tree, from which the venue takes its name, this capacious garden also boasts among other natural delights, a pond, a colonial bandstand, pavilions and open spaces, which add to its tranquil atmosphere, lending the place an almost surrealistic charm.

Tamarind Tree is a veritable Time Machine – From its antiquated doorways that welcome you into its hearty embrace, its elegant pavilions that stretch endlessly to the lotus pond courtyards and the Sheesh Mahal that can accommodate upto 1500 guests, the place is virtually a portal into the past. The ambience at Tamarind Tree lulls you, without any effort on your part into a sense of comfort and serenity and asks you to revel and partake of its bounteous spaces. However, there is more to Tamarind Tree than just its timeless tryst with nature – Luxurious Bedrooms, outdoor seating, spacious villas adding a touch of modernity in nature's midst.

TempleTree Leisure

Located in Marathahalli on Outer Ring Road, TempleTree Leisure, virtually cut off from the noise and clamour of the city, offers, for those seeking a spiritual wedding experience the perfect escape. TempleTree Leisure represents a confluence of two widely differing sensibilities, urban and rural. Rustic in appearance, TempleTree Leisure however has nothing but the best to offer in terms of modern amenities and luxuries.

It is hard not to be overcome by a sense of awe upon beholding all that TempleTree Leisure has to offer. Here, Thatched roofs, a ventilation system that allows for natural light to stream in in copious amounts go hand in hand with ample parking spaces, state of the art Air Conditioned halls.

Equipped to seat upto a thousand guests, the establishment boasts an AC Hall, a semi-open dining hall and bar and a lounge area. However, if there is one element that stands out and leaves a lasting impression about TempleTree Leisure is their hospitality, which, it can be said without a shade of doubt, is second to none.

Judicious use of biodegradable material, use of natural light make for an eco-friendly atmosphere, while their strict rules of housing just one event at any given point in time ensures that there is no confusion and clutter.

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