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Choosing a Wedding Planner

Once the rings have been exchanged, the dates set and the elation that engulfed you upon finally being told that the wedding would take place on so and so date began to ebb, ever so slowly, and your feet retraced their painful journey back to the ground, that is when the magnitude of the task of arranging and organising a wedding finally struck you. Of course, there is no denying the fact that you already have your wedding completely organised and planned to perfection in your head, but you are also aware that such an onerous undertaking is, well and truly, beyond your scope and time. Executing a wedding, one that has been imagined in your head to the smallest detail possible, is, as the cliché goes, easier said than done. From drawing up a budget to choosing the ideal venue for what will remain the most important day in your life, a professional wedding planner clears the road to ensure that the wedding goes off without any hassles and worries. It is their ability to devise out of the box solutions and to think on their feet that divides good wedding planners from the best. Listed below are some of the parameters which might aid you in choosing the best:

The Whole deal or Half Way in?

Depending on the scope and scale of the wedding, you may go for either a full-time wedding planner or a Day co-ordinator. Before going into the obvious advantages of hiring the former, lets us first go over the roles and responsibilities of a day co-ordinator. They come into the picture a month or so prior to the wedding and are deals mostly with day to day arrangements of the wedding such as seating arrangements, lighting ad floral arrangements, etc. However, with a dedicated wedding planner, it is virtually an act of handing over the reins of your wedding and sitting back to enjoy the ride. A professional wedding planning organisation, with teams exclusively dedicated to conceptualisation, photography, budget planning and execution plan and actualise a wedding literally from scratch. From choosing a wedding venue to packaging those countless memories in albums specifically designed for you, a professional wedding planner takes care of everything.

Budgets! Budgets! Budgets!

Contrary to popular, and if one may add highly inaccurate, urban lore, a wedding planner doesn't cost a limb and an arm. All one needs to find a wedding planner who fits into your budget is a wee bit of patience. While one school of thought, which many incorrectly call 'common sense' might claim that hiring a professional wedding planner might stretch your finances and leave you dry, the opposing notion is likely to contest that the joys of a stress-free wedding are priceless. Moreover, there is a lot of money that can be saved by entrusting all the responsibilities to a single organisation which automatically precludes the need to haggle with a whole host of characters and dealers.

Compatibility Mode on?

A wedding being an intimate and a highly personal function, the importance of sharing a good rapport with your wedding planner cannot be stressed enough. While it is indeed gratifying to have the responsibility of a wedding taken off your shoulders, it is equally important not to be haunted by a sense of regret in the aftermath. Thus, it becomes invaluable for you start off on the right page with your wedding planner. What does compatibility with your wedding planner exactly mean? In your interactions, you need to feel that the planner is open to accepting your ideas and shall willingly execute the same without compromising on your dreams and visions. Did he or she appear as excited as you did about the upcoming wedding? When the wedding planner differed with your ideas and substituted those with some of his or her own, what were your thoughts and reflections on the same? How open did you find your prospective wedding planner appear to your ideas and thoughts on the wedding? Once you have cross referenced all these categories and find the planner satisfactory, dispel all doubts and hire the planner, wasting not a second on the subject.

Tracking last minute challenges

No matter how adept and efficient a wedding planner might appear, it is practically impossible for him or her to guarantee that there will be no last minute glitches that might spell disaster. However, one can carefully assess whether or not a planner has the constitution to deal with problems that pop up without a moment's notice. Faulty lighting arrangements, caterer struck in traffic, is the band late? A professional wedding planner must be able handle such last minute hitches must be dealt with with poise and with the least bit of trouble and put everything back on track. All but the absence or stubbornness of the bride and groom, the wedding planner must be equipped to handle.

That Eye for Detail and Strength of organisation

Caught up in the swirl and confusion of the wedding, there is always a small detail that you may have missed, one which come back and turn the entire event into a fiasco. Attention to minutiae is probably the most important reason for you hire a wedding planner. While hiring a wedding planner, make sure he or she is observant to a fault. It is a planner's ability to scour through piles of data and yet miss nothing that indicates hi calibre. Ensuring that all wedding arrangements are in accordance with your customs and traditions, ensuring that there isn't a single thread out of place with the floral arrangements, or the lights, these are the hallmarks of a true professional. A more enterprising wedding planner also goes that extra yard or two in making all guests feel at home and relaxed by coming up with ingenious welcome gifts such as engraved chocolates, among other things.

Having to constantly check up on the progress of your wedding preparations and having to ensure that all the arrangements are in place, when you have already handed over the responsibility to a wedding planner defeats the purpose of hiring one. An organised wedding planner is one who doesn't bother you with petty details and takes care to keep you in the loop about the preparations. In the least, make sure that your wedding planner has a calendar with all the important dates marked off so that everything happens in a time-bound manner.

Third Party Management

A wedding often turns into a nightmare owing to your having to come into contact with many intractable 'Third Parties'. Haggling and bargaining with these third parties, who include photographers, light man, flower decorators, etc., could leave you with a lasting headache. A good wedding planner is one who completely removes the prospect of you having to come into contact with the so-called third parties. All you need to do is to convey your thoughts on the subject and in accordance with your wishes, the wedding planner sets about hiring the perfect cook, photographer, etc., unto whom he relays what you have confided in him and gets it done.

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