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Weddings in India

In India, marriage continues to remain a hallowed institution, one which is probably, if one allows for taking a certain amount of liberty with the issue, the most significant event in the life of an individual. Therefore, given the stature that it enjoys in the collective mindset of all Indians, it is only fitting that a wedding, the event that marks the auspicious start to the most glorious chapter in one's life, be celebrated with unmatched fervour and gusto. Elaborate as they most often tend to be, Indian wedding ceremonies have been, in equal measure, both reviled and venerated in popular culture. However, the reverence that the average Indian attaches to the ceremony remains undiminished.

The first word that the mind conjures upon the phrase 'Indian Wedding' being uttered is pomp. Indians often leave, to use a much abused cliché, no stone (and cost, one may add) unturned to ensure that their wedding ceremonies remain affairs that all involved can recall and remember most fondly. Characterised by frenetic energy and an almost palpable vibrancy, Indian weddings are elaborate affairs, sometimes consuming up to a week. Add to this already tantalising mix, a slice of opulence and what you have is, well and truly, a wedding to remember. At 3 Productions, our endeavour is to ensure that tradition isn't lost in the haste to make your wedding a fun-filled ride. In fact, it is our heart felt respect for customs and traditions which makes us one of the best wedding planners in Bangalore. Tradition, energy and opulence go in tandem at weddings organised by 3Production weddings. From choosing a most appropriate venue for the wedding, one which is in keeping with your style, and cultural sensibilities to arranging holiday packages for the newlyweds, 3Production weddings team ensures that there is no let-down in zeal and energy that we bring to your wedding.

While it is most appropriate to have one's wedding scheduled between the months of October and February, a time of the year when the tolling of the wedding bells almost becomes ubiquitous, ceremonies can also be planned and arranged for in summer, while weddings during India's heady monsoon season are generally avoided. However, we are always willing to accommodate our client's wishes and if your dream is to have a wedding against a backdrop of India's verdant hills, set to the tune of pattering raindrops as they beat down heavily on your rooftops, we would be more than delighted to comply. Scenic resorts, set amidst picturesque landscapes and 5-star hotels constitute some our best wedding venues while Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala continue to be the most coveted locales.

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