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Jhanvi & Ranjith's Wedding

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From the get-go we knew that this wedding would be an amazing experience whether it was the unique choice of venue for the Sangeet and cocktails – a lush vineyard, the prospect of witnessing another wonderful confluence of varied cultures and finally, but most importantly, the chance to work with two of the most gracious families we have ever met- The Raju and The Shukla family! Ranjit Raju, the groom, is an IITian who moved from working at IISc and Mahindra to helping Mr. Raju run the winery at Soma Vineyards. The vineyard itself is a picturesque location with an undeniable charm. Nestled near the Nandi Hills, Soma Vineyards provided a setting and experience unmatched by any other. Janhavi Shukla, the bride, is an autism therapist with an honours degree from the University of Portsmouth in the U.K. Both the Raju and the Shukla family dove right into the planning with us, painstakingly planning every small detail of the Sangeet, the wedding, and even the accommodation and stay to ensure every guest had a wonderful time. Our team was stationed at the Vineyard one day before the Sangeet. We had such a wonderful time planning and customizing the decor. Using simple, natural elements from the Vineyard- wine bottles, flowers and pieces of wood fashioned into direction and name-boards, was our favourite part!The Sangeet stage itself was set near the rolling vineyards, with the Nandi hills providing the perfect backdrop. The stage was set, the food ready and the wine- unlimited- We were just waiting to get the party started!The night was lined up with some amazing performances by family and friends, a lot of dancing and merry-making, and finally wrapped up by releasing some Chinese wish lanterns- What better way to close the curtains on what was a wonderful night and open the curtains to a beautiful life together for Ranjit and Janhavi. The Wedding Ceremony was at Temple Tree located in Sahakarnagar. Months of meticulous planning with a large dose of generous love helped make this wedding celebration the grand success that it was. For the unique designing, the detailing but more so for the amazing couple we got to work with - this was a very very special wedding for all of us!

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