The most awaited wedding season

Article by Ann Rose George Tharakan

Well, we realized it’s been a while that we updated on the latest weddings we have been busy with over the past couple of months. So to start off from where we stopped, it was like every other year, the month that is most in demand for weddings and of-course wedding planners. Yes, we are talking about the most significant month for Indian weddings, December. A month filled with love and romance is definitely a choice made by most couples to tie the knot and therefore making all the planners literally run on their toes.

We were packed with back to back weddings which were all unique in their own style and ways. The month started with a typical South Indian wedding which was a three-day event starting with the main wedding ceremony followed by a reception and a post-wedding celebration for close family and friends. Then moved into an engagement ceremony of a couple who wanted to keep it elegant and cosy which was arranged in their private farm house away from the busy city center, where the event was again another typical South Indian traditional event. The team brainstormed into executing some really interesting elements for decor that gave it a very traditional style yet modern giving the couple exactly what they pictured. Soon after this we moved into another South Indian Tambrahm wedding, which was again a three-day event that started with the family coming together to put up a show which surely said both the couple’s families got talent. An evening filled with fun and dance followed by the Mehndi and Varapuja ceremony on the next day. The third day was the most awaited day the wedding. This doesn’t end here our team then immediately jumped into the next wedding fiesta which was the last one for the year 2016. To say about this particular wedding, it indeed was a very intensively planned wedding. Being in touch with the couple for almost 8 months the team had been planning everything along with the couple starting from their Save the date, accommodation of their guests, logistics, guest management, planning their itineraries, event flow, various service providers till the moment they tied a knot. A wedding that blended two different cultures all together, one can say it was more like the North meets the South. Another wedding that had a Mehndi ceremony followed into the Sangeet which had the couples family and friends from different parts of the globe come together and proved that they could definitely fit in and do it the Indian way. The next day was the wedding which took off with a Baraat without which the groom would have for sure refused to get married (That’s the Punjabi gene), the event that never sticks to a time frame that one plans. Well, finally the groom makes it to the wedding mandap followed by a grand bridal entry with the bridesmaids holding a plate of petals with a lamp and the traditional nadaswaram team followed by grand entry of the bride with her family which then followed into the main ritual of tying the knot.

All the very best to all the lovely couples who gave us this opportunity to be a part of your big day.

It doesn’t end here, we will soon post our stories of the weddings and the crazy times we have had for the new year of 2017. Meanwhile, here is a load down on the weddings we spoke about.

Engagement ceremony of Zonu & Nischay
Photo credit : Sudeep Bhattacharya

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Wedding of Swathi & Arudra
Venue: Angana
Photo credit: Gareth Hoover

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Wedding of Rashmi & Karthik
Venue: Shangri-la and The Tamarind Tree

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Wedding of Purnima & Tanmay
Venue: JW Marriott