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This Indo-german wedding our team planned at Bangalore was unique in its own way. Met in business school and moved to a life of togetherness.

This 3 day extravaganza begun with a vibrant mehndi at home. A high energy and super fun and an all fuscia and white sangeeth at Temple tree leisure, Bangalore. David and Shruthika’s entry during at the baraat was in a decorated auto with the thumping sound of the dhol followed some maddening performances by family and friends. The event ended with polter aben, a German traditional of breaking crockery which is cleaned by the bride and groom symbolising togethereness during difficult times.

The wedding was traditional Malayali style with the serene sounds of the chandamelam. The venue was styled with traditional marigolds and jasmine. The reception was at a city hotel called Park Plaza styled with the perfect evening elements like candles, roses, bulbs and crystals.

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