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Wedding Testimonials

3Production Wedding - Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Ruth and Nikhil

Weddings are celebrations!...Since the day Nikhil and me decided to spend the rest of our lives together, the goal had been to plan a intimate wedding that would be a celebration of our love and for our special day to be an opportunity for all our loved ones to let loose and have a good time..

We wanted the process of putting this day together to be as stress free as it could possibly be..

But, a couple of months into doing it on our own,we felt the heat as all the planning had to be done long distance, that meant, Skype calls at unearthly hours ,looking through hundreds of Pinterest pages,getting an excel expense sheet in the works..both juggling work in between all of this..it wasn't very pleasant..

It was my mother-in-law who first recognized that both of us showed the initial signs of a burn out..and she suggested that we check out a wedding planner and that it would make things considerably easier...She looked up 3 productions and had loved their previous work... Since i was living at Indiranagar at that time she suggested that i just drop by their office after work one day and decide if i wanted to get them to help us..

From the very first phone call I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders... Every meeting since gave me this reassuring feeling that our day would be every bit as special as it could be.

On the day of the wedding..We were mesmerized at the decor..the sheer hassle free organization of the whole day's events..Both Nikhil and me were peaceful, overjoyed and we cherished every second of our beautiful day,which really did look like a page out of our Pinterest account!!..Our guests still keep calling us to let us know how beautiful the day was for them..

Thank you so much you guys!!!
Sowmya,Ann and Vijay for making it such a wonderful day for us and our family..

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