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Wedding Testimonials

3Production Weddings - Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Akshaya and Karthik

This was the big occasion we were all waiting for. Daughter’s wedding …!!!! She had spared us the ordeal of choosing a husband by picking a fine young man from among her friends. What else can be simpler I thought. God was in heaven and all is well with the world. And so we thought as we started putting the pieces together for a special wedding for a special daughter. First wedding in the next generation was enough reason to get the whole of the extended family excited.

Suggestions from friends and family came thick and fast. Well intended but overwhelming. ‘Beti ki shaadi hai daaru ka party ‘said friends. What is a big fat wedding without dance and gaana said some. But everybody wanted it all to end with a grand reception and a traditional shaadi. The food has to be unique! The décor has to be theme based! Every event a memorable one! Designer wedding invites! Intimate mehndi cards and a candid photographer to capture all the moods and nuances!!! And the list was unending. Weddings guest’s accommodation, transportation, décor, giveaways, the priest etc.

It was so much easier to let your daughter elope!!!!

We instantly knew we needed help. The hunt for a wedding planner began in right earnest. We had our doubts nevertheless. Can an outsider understand our needs? Can it be done according to our taste? Will the events have our personal touch? Will the occasion be traditional enough in the hands of a professional organiser?

Enter ‘3Production Weddings’ young team of wedding planners from Bangalore. By the time we had our second meeting with 3PW it was clear that we had not only found ourselves a great organiser with a unique understanding of the practices and customs of a traditional Indian wedding, but also a friend who could work with us as one among us in conceptualising and executing the events.

3PW and team got down to business straight away. The overall themes were decided for each event based on our inputs. The venues shortlisted and finalised to ensure that they are the best suited to the theme we had in mind. The decor elements and options were presented to us in detail to give us a feel of how the venue would look like. The food vendor finalized after prearranged food tasting. Every detail worked out. All contingencies planned for including possible showers in MAY!!! And after all this she kept asking questions to ensure we had not forgotten some insignificant things.

The big days came and went. Without a hitch. As planned. And the rains kept away!! All is well that ends well.

But is it?

Our daughter would have still got married. But the joy of fully participating in her wedding was made possible by the load that 3production Weddings and team took away from us. Particular mention must be made of Anne and Vijay, who along with Sowmya were always there 24/7 for any queries or help throughout this journey. The most praiseworthy quality they brought to the event was not only in their ability to handle the big picture but their attentiveness to the smallest of details. It has been a unique and a heart-warming experience to work with 3Productions Wedding planning and we are thankful to them for taking so much organising stress away from us during these times.

Thank you 3Productions for this wonderful wedding for my Daughter AKSHAYA on 10th MAY 2015.

Yes God is still in heaven and my daughter didn’t have to elope!!!

Happy parents of AKSHAYA.

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