Wedding Speeches….

Credits: Crystal D’sa

One of the things I love about weddings is listening to the toasts; an opportunity for loved ones to express their feelings about the newly wedded. So what do you add in your toast? You could speak of friendships lasting a lifetime, acts of courage, moments of hilarity, or what it feels like to watch your son or daughter go through such a momentous rite of passage. Above all, you hear them talk about LOVE.

Who is to take the mic at the wedding?

The bride and groom, the best man and, if necessary, a significant relative or friend. A good toast is heartfelt and personal, but not too private. Rule of thumb is to keep the toasts short and sweet, no more than two minutes each. Of course, the bride and groom can always take an extra minute or two for. The other rule is to spread out the speeches so that your party doesn’t come to a standstill; plan through with your master of ceremonies

It takes time to come up with the memories and then put them into words; don’t wait until the last minute- practice makes perfect! During an emotional time like this, it’s easy to forget even the most vivid memories or thoughts. Write your speech on cue cards. This way the words are right there. Remember that if it comes from your heart, you can never be wrong.

So here’s a speech by the father of the bride, an emotional time for the father of the bride. But this bride’s dad managed to combine both humor and sweetness into an unforgettable speech. It’s short and cute, sure did get every ones attention.