The ‘ Vegan’ Baraat!

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy

Foot-tapping, hypnotic Dhol beats, blocked streets, family and friends dancing and the groom atop a horse or even an elephant – the Baraat kick-starts the wedding celebrations with a BANG!

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Although it is originally a North-Indian tradition, where the groom arrives on a horse, led in by family and friends to greet his bride, the loud and fun Baraat is, today, been incorporated in weddings across the country. After all, who doesn’t love music, dance, and laughter and of course that crazy dhol beat?!! Well, except for that horse/elephant? Notice how the poor beast backs away and shakes its head? If you are an animal lover, or even if you are not, here are a few ways you can have an animal-free baraat, and still give your family and friends a whale of a time!

1. The Vintage Car / Convertible

If classy is your signature style, go the vintage car route. There is nothing classier than a handsome groom in a beautiful car. And if you truly want to make an entrance, have you family and guests lead you in, in an envoy of cars.

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2. The Limo

It’s a LIMO! Big. Very shiny. Need we say more?!

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3. The Auto/ Cycle Rickshaw

The Indian Chariot! There isn’t a better way to honour your Indian heritage than arriving in the unofficial national vehicle.  These are so much fun, and your guests will definitely get a kick out of seeing you make your big entrance in these whacky little speed-demons! You could even make things a little more fun (and perhaps hair raising) by having a cousin or close pal roll you in, in a cycle rickshaw.

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4. Palanquin / Chariot

If you friends are upto the task, have them carry you like the prince you are on your big day for that ROYAL entrance (as long as you remember it is just for the dayJ). You could even rent a chariot and replace the horse with a car – or maybe those motorized horses – bikes!

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5. Walk!

And the most unconventional of the lot – walking! We know, unheard of right? But think about it – you are the groom, and there you are up on a horse trying to bounce up and down, attempting to dance or atleast wriggle to those beats, while your friends and family have a blast and show off their fancy footwork. Why not join in the fun and frolic and revelry – this day is about you after all!  – well, you and your lovely bride!  So, we say ditch the poor horse and get down and dancing as you make your way in the Baraat!

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And because we like to put our money where our mouths are, we’ll give you a 5% discount on our planning fee for not using animals in your wedding!