Prioritizing Your Wedding Checklist – What To Do First And What Next

Every wedding comes with a gamut of tasks: running around to find a quality caterer, a great wedding photographer, a dreamland wedding venue, deciding on décor, finalizing invites, an Aunty to call, an Uncle to ‘not’ call, the list goes on and it’s almost always the whole nine yards with a few extras thrown in. Boom! Boom! It’s Action Time!

Now, with so much going on, what a young bride and bridegroom can easily forget to do is enjoy themselves and soak in all the attention they probably will begin to get as soon as a date is announced and even randomly so.

Fresh As A Flower

To stay fresh and lighthearted from the time your wedding planning stages begin up until your wedding day, all you need to do is focus on ‘the macro-manage’, not ‘the micro-manage’(that’s what us wedding planners are there for).

First Comes First

For the macro-management bit, you will need a checklist and this one should be together based on priorities, and not preferences. For example, you don’t need to be dwelling over the details of a dress, when a venue is not is not decided upon.  What comes first has got to come first, priority over preference really.

Seal out your budget and try to fit everything within available bandwidths. Then, move on to zeroing in on a professional and experienced wedding planner. Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning services aren’t expensive at all. In fact, when you the find the right wedding planner, you will realize that service charges will be fair and the service itself extremely necessary. When we sit down to plan a wedding we spend time with the couple, we get to know them a little better, find out everything about their likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences. We focus on what are the most important things for the couple, put it all down on paper and start executing plans of action within predetermined frameworks.

With a wedding planner firmly in place, look at deciding on your venue and décor. As far as we are concerned, nothing hogs the limelight more than a wedding venue and décor does. Yes, people will talk about how beautiful or handsome you looked on your wedding day, but they will talk twice as much or maybe even for an eternity on how beautiful or exotic your wedding venue was. Now you know why people crave for destination weddings? No surprises there.

Note: Don’t break a sweat over a décor details, leave it to the professionals. Hint on the path you want to take with this one and allow us to lead the way.

Planner, venue and décor checked, push towards finding a caterer; your wedding planner should have some suggestions in this department or you can bring to the table who you think is best.

Tip: If you went to a friend’s wedding and liked the food, try getting in touch with that particular caterer.

Dress For The Occasion

With some of the core areas taken care of, you can look at what you may want to wear for your wedding. This is where a thousand opinions may come in, your mommy dearest asking you to pick just that one saree or an uncle from the Army asking you to wear a ridiculous scarf around your neck (this is in the case of the bridegroom). But really, here, listen to your heart; it after all helped you decide on who ‘the one’ is going to be. You can bring in a good mix of what is trending, what is comfortable and what your personal statements are. The key here is not to look overdressed but to also not look a little too casual with your attire; it’s your wedding after all.

Invites: Trendy or Conservative?

Almost everything ticked off, a wedding invite can be looked at. Your wedding planner may know just the people for the designing of an invite. Make this one count, it is not a must to stick to conservative looking invitations. Here too, you can hint on the path you want to take and your wedding planner will have it done.

Tip: If you have a décor theme going on for your wedding, your wedding invite can reflect just this.

Photography: Who’s Clicking Who?

With almost everyone positioning themselves as photographers, worse still, wedding photographers, deciding on who is going to be that one guy or girl to shoot your wedding can be tricky. But going by our experiences in working with photographers and about-to-be married couples, it would do you a whole lot of good to work with a snapper who has got enough and more wedding shooting familiarities against his name. Someone who is professional, yet someone who you are comfortable around will help do the trick. As wedding planners, we always look at providing our clients with the services of some of the best wedding photographers around.

Tip: No matter how talented your neighbor’s kid seems with a camera, do not entrust him with the responsibility of shooting pictures for your wedding.

That’s about it, with priorities fixed, looks like you can get married and ‘knot’ just now.

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