Choosing the right venue for your Wedding

Article by Ann Rose Tharakan

She said, yes, the dates are set, it’s time to start planning the wedding. Choosing the venue is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. The venue sets the tone for the wedding, it will probably be the big ticket item on your checklist, and most of your decision regarding the wedding will be based on the kind of location you choose for your wedding.

So where do you start? Most couple have a vague idea of the kind of venue they want – outdoors, indoors, farmhouse, lawn, restaurant, hotel… if you don’t there’s no need to panic.

First, before you go venue visiting, draft a budget for the entire wedding with a breakdown of how much you want to spend on each item including the venue. Like we said, the venue will be the single most expensive item on your list, so it is better for you to decide early-on how much you want to spend here rather than having to cut-out your favorite photographer or DJ because you can’t afford them.

Second – decide on the wedding count. You need to estimate how many people will be attending the wedding. Wedding venues come in different sizes and you will want to ensure that the venue you choose can accommodate all your guests.

Third – RESEARCH! Once you’ve got your wedding count and budget down and you’ve decided on kind of venue you want, it’s time to start researching. One of the best ways is to first check images on social media by planners and photographers. This will give you an idea of what they can do with the venue and how the décor will look. You can then get in touch with the venue on their dates and availability.

You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect backdrop for the festivities. There are a lot of options to choose from, and the possibilities can vary based on a number of factors, like the time of year, your budget and the number of guests and participants you have in mind. These wedding venue ideas represent some romantic, practical and unexpected options. When it comes to your wedding and reception, though, let your personal style be your guide.

Hotels, Restaurant and Resorts –
Whether a small intimate restaurant or a larger one that even has a private room or a lawn available, this venue option may be the perfect choice for you. Larger hotels have the ability to provide you with lots of options from intimate restaurant affairs to gorgeous ballroom events.
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Gardens, Park and Landscapes –

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There are so many beautiful parks available today, and it seems that just about every park has jumped onto the wedding band wagon.

Vineyard Weddings – 

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Vineyards are becoming popular wedding venues, and it’s no wonder. Their picturesque, wine history and lore makes for lively post wedding conversation and the vistas are usually breathtaking. Vineyards are popping up in lots of states across the nation, so don’t rule out a vineyard for your wedding

Barn Weddings – 

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This type of venue is gaining in popularity especially with the rustic and even shabby chic bride. This venue type is another favorite choice, although some people would never survive if it is an authentic barn with hay included.

In a chapel –

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For a small and intimate affair, nothing beats a wedding in an inviting little chapel. If you don’t plan on having many guests, using a chapel is a great way to make the proceedings feel cozy without appearing too informal. The right, picturesque chapel can almost seem like a member of the wedding when it’s displayed artfully in posed photos. It’s an iconic locale any time of year.

Going where your passion takes you –

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If you love butterflies and think the butterfly habitat at the local zoo is the perfect place for your wedding, then it never hurts to ask if you can make the magic happen there. Say an art gallery or an aquarium you may be able to pull it off with permission, some time and a little judicious planning. One that I would definitely look forward to if I got an invite!

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Anything on the water or with an ocean, lake or river view can be a dramatic and appealing locale for a wedding. A nautical theme offers lots of design opportunities too. Just remember that water related venues may look beguiling on sunny spring days but appear bleak, gray and forbidding in bad weather. Even so, there’s something about the water that makes festive occasions even more special, so swab the decks and check out the options. Some interesting candidates are: Cruises, ferries, houseboats, dockside restaurants and parks near or on waterways.

In the extreme –

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You’ve read about couples who tied the knot scuba diving, skydiving or mountain climbing. Extreme weddings can be news-at-eleven worthy or just exciting and remarkable. Contemplating a bold, themed wedding is a gutsy move, but it could pay dividends. It might turn out to be the event of the season, or just the best weekend outing you’ve ever had or sponsored.

If this sparks an idea and you have a specific venue in mind, just make sure to keep it safe and sane enough for your guests, and get any appropriate licenses or permissions you’ll need before the big day.

An unusual wedding venue can create some hassles, but it can be the basis for great stories later and a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone involved.

Some of the other factors to consider when you book a venue are:

Location – is the venue accessible for your guests or will you have to provide transportation? If your guests need transportation, factor in these costs as well into the venue cost.

Layout – If the venue has space for all that you want to do. You may need to do a site visit.

Rates – Most website will give you a fair idea but you can always negotiate on the rates.

Parking – Your guests will need parking. Ensure the venue has parking or that there are parking lots close-by. Your guests won’t want to walk a mile in all their wedding finery and high heels.

Restrictions – Make sure to check restrictions before you book a venue. Starting time (especially for décor), Closing time (you will need time to remove the décor so factor that in), food service, alcohol, sound restrictions, licenses, etc.

Catering – In-house or outside catering if you want to bring in some special treat for your guests.

Add-ons – Will the venue provide furniture, linen, AV equipment, dressing room for the couple etc.

Most important – is this somewhere you see yourself celebrating you wedding? If everything else fits in and you love the vibe at the venue, go ahead! If you aren’t sure, you can always block the dates with the venue while you scout out other places, they will notify you if they have another booking coming up. And if you find the process overwhelming, hire an expert, we’ve worked with most venues and we can definitely find one that suits you and your checklist best.

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