Thrash your wedding dress or … NOT?

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It’s one of those mindless moments and I’m wondering what’s disposed off into the thrash; egg shells from breakfast, floor sweepings, paper balls after all that scribbling, empty bottles, but a WEDDING DRESS- not so much. I’m not married but a wedding planner by profession, I’ve not seen it personally. Probably the trend hasn’t caught on in India.

Thrash the wedding dress, fearless bride, rock the frock; call it whatever you like but my question to you- ‘Is the photo shoot really worth thrashing your wedding dress?’

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The trend started with photographer John Michael Cooper in Las Vegas in 2001 but the idea originated from Meg Cummings of the show Sunset Beach. Remember the scene when she ran into the ocean in her wedding dress?

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Black wedding dresses, mullet marry me dresses, Tina Turner’s black and green Swarovski embroidered dress or Jessica Biel’s frothy pink dress- NOT your thing? Maybe thrashing your wedding is just it!

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How to thrash your wedding dress? Adventurous brides have jumped off cliffs, climbed trees, doused themselves with paint — even para sailing. There are plenty of ways to do this but one bride Natasha Samuel  took it one step too far.

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Yes! They soaked the back in flammable liquid and set it on fire.

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Many brides have made it to national news. Are you next?

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