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Every Bride’s Must-haves!!!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

As picture perfect as we all imagine our wedding day to be, the truth is, there will always be hiccups along the way. A bridesmaid might chip her nail, groomsmen might need a little lint-roller action on his tux and your mascara could smudge with this heat wave. My advice- put together a survival kit for your wedding day! The better prepared you are, the smoother your day will go!

So what do you really need as an Indian bride?

1. Lipstick: The one the bride is wearing. Even the best of lipsticks don’t last more than 6hrs and if we go by the typical punjabi wedding time table, it will be long gone before the baraat enters. The baraats here dance for atleast 1 hour at the gate + 1 hour for the ribbon cutting ceremony where the head sarwali(maid of honour) negotiates with the groom on the shagun (money) to let the baraat enter.

2. Lip Balm: Or you can even keep a tinted balm in the colour of your lipstick to keep re-applying it over your lip colour.


Photo credits: Pintrest

3. Compact: If your wedding is in an open farm house in summer this is a definite must. You don’t want to be an oily bride.

4. Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a lot of it falls down on the bride’s nose. Didn’t think of that, did you? Why should you compromise on those heavily invested candid photographs?

5. Safety Pins: Safety Pins are THE most important thing in the entire wedding. You can catch your chachis and mausis running around asking every second woman “safety pin hai?” Plus the bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/pallu.

6. Band Aid: I can bet that you never took your bridal shoes for a test drive. You saved them up for the wedding to wear for the first time. Don’t do that! But still keep band aids handy in case the shoe bites.


Photo credits: Pintrest

7. Baby Oil: or any anti-septic cream. The bridal jewellery is way too heavy with a mang tikka, nathni (nose ring) popping out of nowhere. So keep a cream handy in case there is some allergy.

8. Aspirin: Sometimes the stress is just too much. I’ve never been there but as a planner I can certainly tell you this from experience. You have to pose for the camera, constantly smile…..and be at your best. The flash could cause headaches. Pop an aspirin and enjoy the rest of the day.

9. Sanitary Pads/Tampons: In case you are one of those forgetful women who can never ever remember your date, or in case your biological clock decides to play tricks- keep one handy.

10. Hair Spray: Because the bride’s hair are the most difficult to fix if anything goes wrong. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

11. Small Mirror: For the touch ups in your car or waiting area. That situation may arise where you’ve got to sit and wait in the car for an hour because the baraat won’t move. Let’s not compromise on that makeup now.

12. Straws: Everybody over looks that tiny little thing. Keep straws handy to drink without messing up your lipstick.


Photo credits: Pintrest

13. Contact Lens solution and a spare: If you wear lenses. You never know.

14. ENO: for immediate gas relief. You never know…..again!

15. Camera: For taking your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up. Wedding photographs take a lot of time. I know you’ll now point out that your top of the range smart phone can do the trick; but really do you want to get hounded with all those phone calls?


 Image: Pinterest

16. Contact Numbers: starting from the catering guy to the flower arrangement guy. Keep a list of numbers of everyone who might come handy.

17. Perfumes or Deodorants: If your sweat producing glands are extra hard working!

18. Mouthwash and Mints: Because you never know. Although in our wedding the bride and groom don’t get to kiss. It’s mint to be! My advice- you’re still meeting everyone else at your wedding



Image: Pinterest

19. Makeup Remover: To take care of smudged kohls and mascaras.

20. Glue or Fevicol: In case a shoe heel breaks

21. Spare Flats: You might not to want to wear high heels while you dance away the night. Toss in a pair, you’ll thank me for it.

22. Your Favorite Music: While getting ready or in the car to relax and take it easy. I do this before! It worked alright!

23. Chocolate Bar: Feels like your stomach is eating itself, and I bet you don’t want to eat an entire meal so you can fit into your dress- chocolates is the perfect solution. Munch on it, just remember to check your teeth in that small mirror your also carrying.

24: Hand Sanitizer: Self explanatory

25. Scissors: Some thread is out of place, you don’t want to be tugging on it and ruining your dress or lehenga.

Did I miss anything?


Rock your jumpsuit down the aisle!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Jumpsuits are all rage on the red carpet, clearance sales, the new fashion line and now finally the wedding aisle!

The trend started by destination wedding brides – now slowly picking up among brides all over the world.


Photo Credits: Pintrest

For those brides that feel absolutely comfortable in their pants, you’re not alone! Alex Arechiga likes the idea. “I actually think they’re really cute and it’s really awesome. Brides are taking a twist on the classic bridal silhouette,” she said.

If you’re too worried about wearing the jumpsuit walking down the aisle, well then you could choose a pre wedding or post wedding function where you could wear one.

The next big question is – How can a jumpsuit be traditional enough to compete with a couture gown?


Photo Credits: Pintrest

You can’t compete with couture!  A jumpsuit is a design of its own; silks, lace and embellishments are the way to go. Work with neck lines to suit your body type. Many women do not feel comfortable in gowns, and that is entirely acceptable. With so many beautiful alternatives available, there is no need to shy away from pantsuits, jumpsuits, and rompers. It’s your wedding day; wear whatever makes you feel awesome.


Photo Credits: Pintrest

Let the jumpsuit work for you; it will leave you feeling radiant, comfortable and work your personality!

Mai and Gurpal

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Mr. Gurpal Dhingra, Vice President of Prudent Brokers a man with exquisite taste, he knew exactly what he wanted for his signature wedding. His beautiful bride, now Mrs. Mai Tlau Dhingra form Mizoram along with friends and family flew down to Bangalore for their big fat Punjabi- Mizo wedding.

New folder (2)

Photo Credits: Nithin C.V

What we loved most about the wedding was the personal touch added to every little detail. The guests were housed at JW Marriott Bangalore, everyone received personalized baggage tags, key card holders, cookie &chocolate jars, welcome & itinerary booklets and return gifts from the lovely couple.

The wedding celebrations began on the 21st of December 2013 with the Mehendi & Lunch; and the ladies dressed in gorgeous Indian wear with bright hues. This was followed by a fairy-tale white wedding at the JW Poolside beautifully decorated with white floral arches for a pathway that Mai walked down looking blissful in her white gown.  Their ceremony was simple but tearfully beautiful. This led on to an exciting night with cocktails, sit down dinner and dancing. Entertaining them was one of Bangalore’s most popular bands along with stand up comedians Neeti Tandon and Amit Patla flown down especially from Mumbai. Perfectly timed and executed dinner with tall gorgeous centerpieces; the wonderful looking guests only accentuated the look of the place.

New folder (2)2

Photo Credits: Nithin C.V

The wonderful experience of our Indian weddings are the back to back events lined up for everyone. On 22nd December, everyone cheered; shed a tear, as Gurpal lead Mai into a new life over the chorus of ‘lavans’. The Pink wedding is what they called it. Gurpal arrived at the Gurudwara wearing a grand sherwani and pink shades and awaited his gorgeous bride.


Photo Credits: Lucky Malhotra

To congregate and congratulate the bride and groom, a champagne brunch was held at the JW Kitchen and Lawns filled with brightly decorated canopies. The crowd grooved to beats of the dhol men jamming with the DJ. To say it was beautiful will be putting it lightly, it was quite possibly the wedding of the year, one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.


Photo Credits: Lucky Malhotra

It was quite the signature wedding!


Sukanya and Lutz

This was surely memorable one. Sukyanka and Lutz – all we can say is the perfect fit! I remember our first meeting with the couple – cute, handsome and very progressive. The supremely organized yet laid back and friendly nature of Lutz and Sukanya took to us immediately.

We planned the wedding with for over 5 months with the couple and Ms. Meena Sanyal (mother of the bride). This Indo-German wedding was going to be one fun affair due to the cultural confluence. This brigs us to think that most inter cultural weddings are filled with an air of excitement, surprises and vibrancy as the families break away from the serious moments of the wedding and enjoy a culture new to them. We met for several meeting and scheduled for taking up segments of  the wedding each meeting hence covering invites, budgets, décor, guest management, hotel, venue recces etc.

Wedding Planners in Bangalore Wedding organizers in Bangalore

The wedding colours were yellow, orange, purple and white. The invite designed for the wedding had the similar flow of colours and the itinerary notes as well. Guests flew in Germany and across India and were put up at hotels across the city and welcomed with packaged gift hampers in all rooms.

Mehndi and Sangeeth was held at Anghana – Kanakaura road. Street food and chaats for mehndi and barbeque and spirits for the Sangeeth. This day was designed with colouful diwan seating, floral carpets and shear fabric hangings across the venue.

Top Wedding Decorators Bangalore

Destination Wedding Planners Bangalore

The interesting element of the Sangeeth was Polterabend. This is a German custom which involves smashing plates and china (but not glass) as a sign of good luck for the married couple. The idea is that these plates will be broken, but never the marriage. At the end of the fun, the bride and groom have to clean up all of the shards and pieces. The Polterabend usually turns into a fun, informal party with the couples’ friends, family, and neighbors.

Watch this beautifully made video by Creative couple –

The wedding held at Tamarind tree Kanakapura road begun with Haldi and moved into baraat, varmala and a serene, meaningful yet entertaining Arya Samaj wedding. We absolutely love the arya samaj weddings and the way it is conducted.

Tamarind tree is a wedding planners paradise as the place has such immense scope for design and décor. The venue was decorated with marigolds, but this time used as individual stalks and not the entire length.

The wedding transitioned into a reception. Sukanya was dressed in the exact same outfit as Lutz’s grandmother that was worn by his mother at her wedding as well.

 Wedding Planners Bangalore

We wish you load of love and nothing but the best in life!

Photography – Coffee Stains

Cinematography  – Creative Couple

Make up – Veronica

Catering – Gangotree, Guru and Spento Cooper




Sanjana and Den

When a wedding planner wants you to plan her wedding it is a very elevating feeling, one the other hand the performance pressure can be quite the nerve wrecker!
We met with Sanjana Thimmaiah and Ms. Neeta Ganapathi at Hotel grand Mercure, the wedding venue . Both these women are inspiring entrepreneurs and extremely progressive in thought.

Sanjana is a budding wedding planner and also a dance instructor, hence I took to her instantly (I have the moves in my head, but a pair of cold feet). She is a very calm, sweet and a bubbly person with a personality that anyone will take to. She became more a friend to us than a client and we continue to be good friends today. Den Thimmaiyah, the groom is also a very friendly and a sorted person.
Best Wedding Decorators Bangalore
I remember looking at them during the night of the set up over a cup of coffee and thinking to myself that they make such a cute and a happy family together. Although, we met Sanjana only during the later phase of the planning process, we were able to plan everything within a month. The practical, structured and calm approach of Sanjana really helped through this entire month.

Wedding organisers Bangalore

Wedding Decorators Bangalore

As Planners we are extremely grateful to have worked with such wonderful families, there is no better feeling than planning a wedding with a family who respect creative freedom and space, and what we try and produce from there, is nothing less than a beautiful dream. The universe has mostly been kind to us and given us the most lovely families to work with. This was one such family.

Sanjana & Den had an Arya Samj wedding. These are the most beautifully conducted weddings, its great fun too. The arya samaj wedding rejects and defies idol worship, it holds the significance of a wedding intensely as a pure earthly bond between man and woman and by worship of god by fire catalyzed through the Gayatri Mantras.

The wedding morning was bright and sunny and the guests poured in gradually, all dressed very colourfully. Sanjana wore a gorgeous red and gold saree draped in the coorgi style. The mandap was primarily white with scallops of marigold and bells to add the rustic element. The garlands were designed with white and tiger mocoro orchids.

Best Wedding Planners BangalorePremium Wedding Planners Bangalore
The evening reception mostly had candles, drops of mirrors and crystals which adorned the venue, it contrasted the morning look. We planned for 3 different types of centre pieces with florals and candles. The evening was a blast, none like we had ever seen before. The couple’s entry was choreographed by a vivacious dance by Sanjana’s friends ( and my cold feet shyed away). This kick started a crazy party that was going to last the night and definitely become a memory to stay!
Wedding Planner in BangaloreWedding Planners Bangalore
We thank you guys for letting us be a part of this wedding. Sanjana & Den have nothing less than the best life ahead! Loads of love.
Make up – Ralph Daniels

Photography – Sudeep
Venue – The Grand Mercure

Annie and Kalyan

This April we had the privilege to work with another wonderful couple- Meet college sweethearts Kalyan & Annie. Words really can’t do justice to the bond this lovely couple shares but we’ve tried our best to pen it down.

Kalyan and Annie Samraj met at CMC, Vellore, a chance meeting that has paved the way for a lifetime of happiness. Over the years we’ve realized that working with genuinely wonderful couples such as Kalyan & Annie helps bring out the best in us, not only do we enjoy working with the couples much more but it also makes us go that extra mile to plan just the perfect wedding. It’s always a great feeling to find out we’ve been booked for a wedding (over 200 wedding and we still feel so thrilled when we book a new client!), but the happiness only doubles when we realize we’re getting to work with couples and families we can build a lasting relationship with.

Wedding Planners Bangalore

We were introduced to Kalyan & Annie last year in December which was a very busy season for us. Displaying that great sense of understanding we’ve been talking about Kalyan & Annie patiently waited for us to get free giving us the time and space to kick off the planning process.

Our first meeting was with Kalyan’s father Mr Ravi Kumar Banda who is also a doctor and runs a firm in Bangalore called Xcycton Mr. Banda , had the excitement levels of a child through the planning process! He helped us kick-start the celebrations. His positive energy was exciting and contagious, this combined with his great organization skills played a key role in the planning process.

Wedding Planners Bangalore

We met at his office and started ticking things off the checklist- confirmed a charismatic priest who happens to be an ex-chartered account, (such an interesting career change we thought), confirmed our most regular caterer Guru and started chalking out a yummy spread for the Bangalore events. Sometimes, it is so difficult to sit through menu planning (especially if you have skipped breakfast!)

Since both Annie and Kalyan are settled in the US, we had to settle for a video chat where we discussed all the details of the wedding. Our first meeting was early one morning at 9 am, it went very smoothly and among other things, we were able to finalize the colour scheme for the wedding – Orange, yellow, purple and green. This colour scheme was incorporated to most of the elements- the invites, the decor, the clothes and everything else.

We met with Annie’s father Mr.Samraj Joseph to plan out the events lined up in Vellore. Although the heat level in Vellore could drive anybody crazy, Mr.Samraj’s cool helped get through the wedding in a calm manner. We hit it off really well. Mr.Samraj’s simplicity instantly reached out to us. We spent many hours chatting about CMC and Vellore, the meeting was fun and interesting and almost instantly we knew we had quite easily built a bond.

Wedding Planners Bangalore

Kalyan and Annie’s wedding celebrations had a line-up of 4 events – Church wedding and reception at Vellore followed by Cocktails, wedding and reception in Bangalore. Our most memorable part of the wedding was the first event – the blessing ceremony at CMC chapel, this was where Annie and Kalyan studied and met after class… now that is sweet! Decor consisted of a carpet of orange petals, white and orange floral stands with a tinge of purple. We used roses, carnations, daisies and lilies to work with. Our love for roses is a relationship for life! Annie was dressed in a white and gold saree and a sleek puff blouse and Kalyan in a white shirt and dhoti. The Church wedding was followed by Reception at May Flower. The venue by itself has a clean look and good to work with. Decor consisted of orange linen with purple runners, the stage with stands of candles and florals and lights adorning the gardens.

The Bangalore events started off with a bang – Cocktail night had a surprise element planned out by both families for the couple. A slideshow of childhood photos of Annie and Kalyan, emceed by both the fathers. Normally, as wedding consultants, we tend to be so busy at weddings that we are all over the place ensuring everything is going as per plan, but this fun filled 45 min slideshow made us stop and watch! What fun it was! The emcees (the dads) had some really hilarious explanations of the husband and wife qualities of their children depicted through the childhood slideshow. The DJ took on the rest of the night and boy does Kalyan know his moves! I was surprised to see someone as calm and quite as Kalyan go that crazy on the dance floor. Kudos!

Wedding Planners Bangalore

The wedding started early at 5 AM. The place was adorned with bright marigolds and floral rangolis. Annie made an entry to the mandap in a “butti” (a basket) this is a Telugu bramhin tradition very similar to the use of a doli in the north Indian weddings. Like in most south Indian weddings, lunch was laid out on a banana leaf meal- This formal sit down meal is never a let-down.

For the beautiful chemistry we’ve seen Kalyan and Annie share, there’s no doubt that this love story was meant to be and we’re glad that in some small way we got to be a part of the festivities that celebrated this lovely young couple, well that is why we love being wedding planners .

Wedding Planners Bangalore

Wedding Planners Bangalore

Make up – Harish
Photography – Vinay Aravind
Blouse design and Tailoring – Pooja – Studio Nile
Food – Guru
Venue – May flower, Vellore Tamarind tree, Bangalore.

Archana and Adhvith

Wedding Decorators in Bangalore

We have been waiting to put this up for a long time. Our first interaction with the Dhuddu family was several months ago and somehow we hit it off so well. It is inspiring to speak to each one of them and listen to their story. A telugu- tamil wedding with a cultural confluence that sculpted a 3 day Big Fat South Indian Wedding.

We met Adhvith and Archana on our third meeting and one could tell that they just fit perfectly together like ying and yang 🙂 Adhvith runs a startup called AliveNow Inc and has been rated as one of India’s top entrepreneurs. I have seen their work online and it is fab. Archana is an actor with tamil cinema and television and also pursuing a degree in business. The duo is an all brainer.

Top Wedding Planners in Bangalore

We planned the wedding for over two months with the Dhuddu family and with every meeting we could tell how much the excitement was building up before the day arrived. The entire period of planning was beautifully scheduled with week one as venue and menu planning. Week two as wardrobe and accessories. Week three as invites, courier and timelines and obviously the decor was religiously planned with as much excitement from the entire family.

The Mehndi, Sangeeth, Cocktails, Varapuja, Baraat, Reception and the Wedding were all very elegant and subtle yet extravagant in its own way. All the events planned out at an out of town Egyptian Themed resort called Confident Amoon and was sort of a ‘Get Away Wedding’ as guests flew in from across the country for the 3-day extravaganza planned out for them. Dhol and percussion set the mood for the mehndi in colourfully tainted gazebos with diwans and feet resting on the lush green this was followed by a fun informal introduction to the couple and families and hi-tea.

Wedding Planners Bangalore

The evening sunk into a fun Sangeeth and Cocktails with the entire family participating in karaoke led to a sing-song affair. Day 2 started with a simple varapuja, the set up was white and elegant with just close family and friends. The evening was much awaited and boy was it worth the wait! ….. the most fun baraat we have seen. Well, this is the thing with a wedding with cultural fusion it just gets more and more innovative and as much fun to be a part of. The baraat was initiated with a dhol and followed by a mobile DJ and the horse with of course the groom…. it all summed for a good two hours of dancing and finally ended with a long awaited rose shower on the couple. The evening ended with a nice reception with the couple meeting guests seated across the lawn and moving into dinner. The night was planned with a super fun family anatakshari – Groom’s VS Bride’s, good time to show off knowledge on Indian music and cinema and then we finally stepped out to release sky-lanterns into the night sky till they became an invisible star eventually.

Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Day 3 started with the serene yet thumping sound of the traditional kerela chendamelam ( directing these guys to the venue to make it on time was a whole new story as they spoke a language alien to us on phone but eventually spoke the most beautiful English to us once they reached – It was one of those “duh moments” to us) The bride made an entry into the wedding mandap on a gold palanquin complemented by the sounds of the chendamelam. The ceremonious rituals continued while the guests read printed booklets of what the ceremonies meant the couple. Day 3 ended with a voluptuous spread of the famous plantain leaf meal and a cute cuddly photo shoot of the couple. We wish you guys the best in life!!

Candid photography & Cinematography – Creative Couple


Pooja and Viraj


The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about this wedding and the family we worked with is the love, kindness and friendship we experienced. The warmth of this family inspired us to do and deliver our best. With every meeting we felt more and more at home and that’s the nice part of what we do as Wedding Planners, after all it is the biggest day of one’s life and the closest to the heart as well and to feel that feeling with as much intensity makes us understand that what we do goes beyond just a form of business and we sure felt that with this Kannadiga – Bengali wedding.


I remember our first meeting with Mrs Sarit Deshpande and Mr Pratap Deshpande, strangely it felt like we went a long way back and felt almost like home, we sat down on a mug of freshly brewed green tea and started chalking out a plan for the wedding to come. Mr Pratap Deshpande is an ace pilot and Mrs. Sarit Deshpande works in the social sector. The level headed, practical and kind hearted approach of both of them translated on to Pooja Deshpande Mitra. Another key person involved in the planning process was Pooja’s grandma (ajji), who gave us a great deal of ideas on garlands, colors etc . Eventually, we met with Pooja and paused for a second to taken in her gorgeous face, she is such a beautiful woman definitely a make-up artists delight! Pooja is an architect, great fun to be with and a very pleasant person with the most beautiful smile! Viraj’s personality is a lot like Pooja’s, he is lively and easy-going and together Pooja and Viraj definitely are a match made in heaven, They define fun- You can see it when you are around them, always surrounded by friends and family, fun and frolic. They met at a party and hit it off like a roof on fire. One can tell how connected they are.


Now moving to give you a brief about their wedding- The wedding cards were electric blue and white and these colors were carried through the wedding in the gift hamper packaging, decor and clothes. The menu planed for day 1 would define a chaat lovers delight and menu for day 2 was a scrumptiously laid out banana leaf meal. Make up was kept as natural as possible with contemporary and traditional hair accessories for both days. Guests were stationed at 3 different hotels close to Jade garden. The nice thing about Jade garden is that although it is a residential club, it’s as natural as it can get. Hence the scope of working with contemporary elements is promising. Day 1 had shades of pink and purple and we used interesting flowers like rudrakshi and crhrysanthamum, interestingly they go very well with roses and orchids.


We used bright linens for tables and elements like alcohol and goli soda bottles, pickle jars and light bulbs with flowers. We fell in love with the idea of using chalk boards at weddings. It’s just super cool. The bar area was done up with hanging bulbs with individual floral stalks, the dance area on the contrary had a starry backdrop, somewhat like a 70’s hindi flick. We were debating whether to call the night before the wedding a Sangeeth or just a Cocktail Party and well….. Ended up calling it “the party”. This “the party” was so much fun that it would give any other party a run for its money. Started off with the traditional Varapuja,, which is a South Indian custom & symbolizes receiving of the groom by the bride’s parents and a formal introduction of both families. The Varapuja transitioned into the party with firework display. Fire crackers and me do not go hand in hand as sometimes the cracker behave like they have a mind of their own, but fortunately the display delivered to its full potential this time. The party was great fun with food, alcohol and a sing song affair.


The wedding morning begun with the smell of hot filter coffee and jasmine flowers. The flow of guests was slow initially but before one knew it, the venue was packed with guests. The wedding was conducted by a kannadiga priest Viraj was dressed in a traditional Bengali outfit and Pooja was in a traditional kanchi saree with a reddish border to incorporate the Bangali colour scheme – This gave the wedding a very new feel. Hand fans were placed on every chair to help guests beat the heat. The amazingly good-looking couple, the lovely Bengali twist to south Indian ceremonies and the element of fun brought in by the couples’ near and dear ones surely make this a memorable wedding. Wedding colours – Electric blue and white and purple. Make up – Harish Candid cinematography – Studio 33 Candid photography – Manas ( Wedding Venue – Jade garden Food – Delhi wala chaat and Adigas