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Akshaya and Karthik

This beautiful 3 day wedding was an absolute thrill to put together. When we work with such kind and down to earth families, we want to deliver more and better. With a vintage themed cocktail, to a colourful mehndi and sangeet, reception a classy affair and a rich south Indian wedding. We planned and conceptualised the design, stationery, decor, managment and overall flow of the wedding. With a rockstar team like ours nothing is left to consequence. Thank you to the Mayurs for the love given!  

Make up by Sabrina Suhail –

Photography – and Karthik K Shetty

Cinematography –

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The Marsala Wedding!

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy
Photo Credits: Pinterest

If you are a fashionista, or if you even remotely follow fashion trends, you must be quite aware by now that Pantone’s colour of the year is Marsala! For those of you who aren’t quite up to date on the fashion world, I am talking about the rich, earthy, shade of fortified wine with a touch spice (look it up) and the perfect colour for your wedding.



Marsala - Bangalore Wedding




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Anusha & Samvit

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy
Photo Credits: Kishore Krishnamoorthy, Regan Raj

Their paths may have crossed in the hallways of Lawrence School in Ooty but the lovely Anusha and charming Samvit did not notice each other there. It wasn’t until a few years later that their paths crossed once again in the streets of Bombay and this time the two took notice. A fairytale romance grew and when they decided to tie the knot, Bangalore was the place of choice.

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Right from the get-go Anusha and Samvit knew exactly what they wanted – elegance, class, sophistication, simplicity. And they weren’t afraid to experiment–a planner’s favourite kind of couple! Working with Anusha and Samvit was a breeze; meetings met and schedules kept, what turned out (even if we do say so ourselves) was nothing short of stunning yet simple.

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The festivities started out on the 8th of May with a cocktail/welcome party at TempleTree Leisure, Bangalore. Close friends and family joined in to wish the happy couple well. Décor was kept light with floral chandleries and stage backdrop made of mats!

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The 9th rain-washed morn started early at TempleTree Leisure. The venue was transformed overnight to reflect the Pallakad-Iyer wedding. Guests entered to a pathway of traditional yellows and orange. Coconut leaf chains adorned the walls. The dining area saw tradition with a twist with its floral chandeliers made with tree branches, thick garlands on the windows and pretty coconut shell hangings. Led in by their thalam girls to the mandap, the couple tied the knot under a canopy of bright orange and pink with lotuses hanging and bamboo walls on the sides.

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The reception that followed was a classy affair in absolute Anusha-Samvit style. I might be a little biased but words can’t do the décor justice so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. It was definitely goes to show how little elements do make a big difference!

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The 2 day wedding festivities came to a close under the stars on the lawns of TempleTree Leisure with close friends and loved ones to the classic rock tunes of Shyam and the Westwind!

3 Production Weddings featured in the Deccan Chronicle!

Theme inspired weddings are the latest trend when it comes to tying the knot and is the first element on the wedding checklist. Couples spend anywhere from hours to days choosing the perfect colour palette and theme for their wedding day. Taking things a step further than just colour coded weddings, football crazy couples today have found a way to include their favourite game into their big day, from the decor to the food and even the costumes. The Deccan Chronicle featured 3 Production Weddings and Sowmya Raghavan on their experience on the topic.

Thank you Zoya Philip & Deccan Chronicle.

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Bangalore Times in an interview with Sowmya Raghavan & 3 Production Weddings

Sowmya Raghavan, head of 3 Production Weddings gets talking with The Bangalore Times on what it takes to plan a wedding. With  over 5 years in the wedding industry, wedding planner Sowmya Raghavan explains that décor and design are just a small part of a bigger picture. Planning a wedding is all about knowing your client. Each client is different and unique, as a wedding planner, you need to find out what makes them who they are, their pulse, their story and their inspiration to be truly inspired yourself.

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Three Cheers to 3Productions!

3 Production Weddings and Sowmya Raghavan featured in Femina’s the Big Story  “Dream Weavers” – on how 3 Production Weddings stands out and is different from conventional wedding decorators and planners. Marriages may be made in heaven but planning the big day takes an extremely organized effort and this is where 3 Productions steps in. Sowmya Raghavan, head of 3 Production Weddings goes on to explain the detailed calendar system that 3 Productions follows in ensuring that nothing is left undone for the big day and keeps glitches at bay.

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So In Love – Love Quotes That Are Tuned To Make You Fall In Love

Credits: Vijay Isaac

Love is a brew that’s inviting, intoxicating and eternal. You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it – at best, you live it.
Here’s our tribute to love, sourced from some of the greatest minds and people that have lived it:

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Image Credits: Pinterest

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The top trending Wedding themed ideas of 2014

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Photo Credits: Pinterest

This fabulous year I encourage you wonderful couples to be married to try out these hot themes for your 2014 wedding. They’re easy, beautiful, colorful and most importantly within budget!

1. Vintage:

The old is always the new in thing, the vintage theme still going strong is a romantic and intimate setting for your big day.

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2. Boho

If you- the bride are fascinated with bright colours, outdoors, and lace as fabric for your wedding dress then consider the Boho theme. It’s simple, hassle free and still beautiful.

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3. Rustic:

Having an outdoors pre-wedding function? Try large barrels with florals, lanterns and nature inspired decor.

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4. Ethereal Neutrals:

Why I love fall weddings? It’s because its so cozy, using beautiful scenery as your base to build your wedding.

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5. Sparkle & Shine:

Add a hint of sparkle to your bouquets & maybe a tad bit of sparkle of your head piece & shoes.

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6. Color Pop:

This summer I advice- bring in the bright hues for 2014 weddings. Bridal bouquets- centerpieces- favors- boutonnieres for the groom- let ’em pop and pop with the hues of VIBGYOR.

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7. High Drama Decor:

Personalize your wedding with tall elaborate center pieces and suspended chandeliers. Going all out with wedding communications and wedding favors.

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8. Garden:

Having your pre-wedding functions would be perfect in your garden. Using refreshing exotic drinks and creative decor will do just it.

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Wedding Speeches….

Credits: Crystal D’sa

One of the things I love about weddings is listening to the toasts; an opportunity for loved ones to express their feelings about the newly wedded. So what do you add in your toast? You could speak of friendships lasting a lifetime, acts of courage, moments of hilarity, or what it feels like to watch your son or daughter go through such a momentous rite of passage. Above all, you hear them talk about LOVE.

Who is to take the mic at the wedding?

The bride and groom, the best man and, if necessary, a significant relative or friend. A good toast is heartfelt and personal, but not too private. Rule of thumb is to keep the toasts short and sweet, no more than two minutes each. Of course, the bride and groom can always take an extra minute or two for. The other rule is to spread out the speeches so that your party doesn’t come to a standstill; plan through with your master of ceremonies

It takes time to come up with the memories and then put them into words; don’t wait until the last minute- practice makes perfect! During an emotional time like this, it’s easy to forget even the most vivid memories or thoughts. Write your speech on cue cards. This way the words are right there. Remember that if it comes from your heart, you can never be wrong.

So here’s a speech by the father of the bride, an emotional time for the father of the bride. But this bride’s dad managed to combine both humor and sweetness into an unforgettable speech. It’s short and cute, sure did get every ones attention.