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DIY Fun, Edible Wedding Favours!

Article by Tanya Chethan

DIY wedding favours are now the latest trend. Here are some wedding favours your guests will love, appreciate and actually want!

1) Mason Jars- Mason jar favours add a touch of rustic to your wedding. These can be filled with various things such as, pickled veggies, jams, succulents, the list is endless.

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2) Test tubes- Scour through lab apparatus & convert them into interesting gifts, think 1920’s, rustic, vintage or floral, these can be filled with an endless variety of treats such as tea/coffee blends, spices or mixed herbs, M&M’s, etc.

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3) Fortune Cookies- Fortune cookies written in your own words make unique wedding favours which add a special personalised touch to your wedding celebrations.

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4) Cake pops- Cake pops are the perfect blend of flavour and style and a wonderful addition to weddings. Add a personal touch to your wedding by giving away home-made pops designed and created by you.

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5) Smore- Send your guests ‘S’more Love’ by giving away handmade smores on your special day.

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6) Candy- Love is sweet, so take a treat. Celebrate your love by giving your guests some of your favourite candies from the 90’s. Serve them a variety of candies such as ‘Poppins’, ‘Kiss Me’, etc.

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7) Coffee bags- While your love is brewing hand your guests some bags of coffee for them to brew. Make it special by giving them coffee in personalised bags with monograms.

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8) Mehndi Cookies- Make your own cookies and design them yourself to add a touch of exclusivity and give these to your guests for them to munch on, on their way back home.

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9) Terrarium – These are a latest trend & add a distinct personal touch to any gift. Plan ahead & visualise what you’d like in your terrariums, you can start planting seeds & add little elements which cost near nothing. Begin with tea cup gardens or gardens in a cut glass jar & slowly graduate with little additions.

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No matter what you choose to give, give it in style with packaging that is slick, contemporary & stylish. Eco friendly is the way to go, so choose cloth/newspaper bags with jute/fibre/cotton handles & lined with hay/cloth or up cycled or recycled materials like egg trays for a beautiful & unique touch to your wedding gift.

Think different, think out of the box, think creative & create something that will be as unique as you.

Megha and Shravan…Wedding in Bangalore

Article by Tanya Chethan

Megha & Shravan, Architecture College sweethearts, recently united in marriage in a gorgeous Kannadiga- Coorgi wedding. The couple is highly energetic, extremely sweet and have a super contagious spirit!

The Arya Samaj Wedding with both Coorgi and Kannadiga influences was held at Shibravyi on Kanakpura Road, the perfect venue for rustic weddings. The Mehendi was held at home, followed by a fun-filled Sangeeth and Cocktails & Reception.

Our team together took care of the planning, decor & design, guest hospitality, conceptualisation, and all other aspects of the wedding to make it hassle-free and memorable for the lovely couple.

Thank you Megha and Shravan for letting us be a part of your big day. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love & luck!

Cinematography: Mohan Studio
Make-up: Harish

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Choosing the right venue for your Wedding

Article by Ann Rose Tharakan

She said, yes, the dates are set, it’s time to start planning the wedding. Choosing the venue is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. The venue sets the tone for the wedding, it will probably be the big ticket item on your checklist, and most of your decision regarding the wedding will be based on the kind of location you choose for your wedding.

So where do you start? Most couple have a vague idea of the kind of venue they want – outdoors, indoors, farmhouse, lawn, restaurant, hotel… if you don’t there’s no need to panic.

First, before you go venue visiting, draft a budget for the entire wedding with a breakdown of how much you want to spend on each item including the venue. Like we said, the venue will be the single most expensive item on your list, so it is better for you to decide early-on how much you want to spend here rather than having to cut-out your favorite photographer or DJ because you can’t afford them.

Second – decide on the wedding count. You need to estimate how many people will be attending the wedding. Wedding venues come in different sizes and you will want to ensure that the venue you choose can accommodate all your guests.

Third – RESEARCH! Once you’ve got your wedding count and budget down and you’ve decided on kind of venue you want, it’s time to start researching. One of the best ways is to first check images on social media by planners and photographers. This will give you an idea of what they can do with the venue and how the décor will look. You can then get in touch with the venue on their dates and availability.

You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect backdrop for the festivities. There are a lot of options to choose from, and the possibilities can vary based on a number of factors, like the time of year, your budget and the number of guests and participants you have in mind. These wedding venue ideas represent some romantic, practical and unexpected options. When it comes to your wedding and reception, though, let your personal style be your guide.

Hotels, Restaurant and Resorts –
Whether a small intimate restaurant or a larger one that even has a private room or a lawn available, this venue option may be the perfect choice for you. Larger hotels have the ability to provide you with lots of options from intimate restaurant affairs to gorgeous ballroom events.
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Photo credit: Lucky Malhotra

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Ruth and Nikhil

Ruth’s and Nikhil’s special day was as special to us as it was to them. This beautiful wedding in Bangalore will always hold a place in our hearts for many years to come. I remember our very first meeting with Ruth, she is kind and warm with a big  fuzzy heart. The wedding had to be special for Ruth as their story was that great. We had to make this day as grand as possible for them. A white church wedding followed by a blush pink ‘all fun’ cocktails followed. The wedding planning process spanned over 5 months and we structured this phase in a manner to allow the family to be completely stress free.

Our wedding planning team handled all the logistics of the wedding from decor, ground coordination, service provider management, checks on all service standards and all the little details that make a great wedding.

Photography by Sudeep Bhattacharya

Make up by Kusum Parvez

Cinematography by Creative Chisel

These are some highlights of the wedding

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Ayesha and Vijay

This ultra gorgeous South Indian – Parsi Wedding was loaded with so much detail and was a power packed 2 day wedding. Running a famous hospitality brand in the india, Vijay’s bench mark of service and delivery standard was something that we aimed to achieved and I am glad that our team was able to meet that. We arranged all the decor details and management of the events for the wedding that was held at The Taj Westend and reception at Shangri-la.

The wedding planning process begun few months back and we worked together on some really fine decor detailing to finally produce a beautiful event.

As a wedding planning and management agency, we understand the importance and the efforts out in by the family to see it through and we can only be grateful to be a part of it.

The wedding colours were red, gold and white. Don’t miss the yumminess of the mandap and the chairs that we adorned with jasmine gajras.

The reception at Shangri-La was designed in peach, blush pink and white.

Photography – George Seemon Photography

Make up – Ralph Daniels

Invites & Stationery – Glitter code

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South Indians weddings are fun! No matter what they say…….

The South VS North is a never ending battle for the first place. Even so that its now taken over weddings. For ages we’ve been hearing the weddings in the north of India are more fun and has all the yummyness. Here is a list of the the awesome things the South has to offer…..

  1.  Fun traditional ceremonies : –

a) Oonjal/Swing Ceremony – This a  custom in Tam-Bhram Weddings. The couple are made to sit on the “Oonjal” or swing which is rocked gently. The swing’s oscillating motion is a message to the couple that they must stay strong together during the challenges and joys of life. Relatives and friends sing auspicious songs, blessing the couple. They are offered milk and bananas and the ladies from both the families throw coloured rice balls in four directions to ward off evil spirits. This ritual also signifies support of that family and friends during the couple’s married life.

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Yummy Mehndi give aways you want for your event……

Delicious, pretty and yummy are the words one can use to describe favours for this event. Use your wackiest creativity for favours for your Mehndi event. How lucky are we as Indians to be able to host such a fun event like the Mehndi or Henna function. Oodles of colours and cute trinklets. We have shortlisted a few of some super cool Mehndi give aways for your wedding. Pay a little attention to souring some of these cuties while planning your wedding and Mehndi.

1) Will never die! Glass bangles

Although what you can do obviously is to use it differently. Try getting your wedding planner (in case you don’t have a planner, you can get a local tailor to do this)

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Swarna and Sahit


Our first wedding planning fiesta in October was of a beautiful couple we had a deep indescribable connection with – Swarna and Sahit. Our team spent over 5 months planning this wedding. Together, we planned a beautiful wedding at a lovely lush garden venue in Bangalore, We arranged all the various aspects of the wedding from negotiating with the hotel for the events and accommodation, invitations, RSVP’s, guest hospitality, decor, photographers, entertainment, mehendi artists, makeup and coordination of all the little details that goes into a wedding planner’s job.
A power packed set of 4 events planned to be an intimate, couple centric yet organised to the last detail. Swarna and Sahit we wish you the very best of what life has to offer. 🙂
Here’s what we loved most about the wedding.
Invite – Designed by Potweet. This visual describes Swarna and Sahit in a way that no other can. Crazy in love with each other and with Bollywood and Rajinikant.
  • Sangeeth was meant to be an ultra ooze of colour and it was. The pinks and oranges literally looked breathtaking. Elements of decor with fabric canopies, Tables with brocade overthrows and tallish florals.The quirkiest bar in town.
  • Wedding – Red’s and gold’s was the colour of the day. The highlight of the mandap was bling Balaji idol which stood tall and mighty.
Check out these images from our event
Photography – Pixel Story by Sudha and Mukesh
Make up – Sabrinal Suhail
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A cocktail party to remember …………..

3Productions team planned a cocktail party at the gorgeous residence of Deepa and Bhoopesh Reddy’s. Designs planned around a bit of quirk, a bit of glamour and a good balance of everything else. Thank you Deepa and Bhoopesh for allowing us to style your place and the all the overflowing creativity.

You will notice the decorations have our signature style in it. As top wedding planners we always ensure to deliver the best and bring in suave and couture to every event.


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Neleema and Rana

Our team is grateful to have recently worked on the extremely gorgeous wedding of Neleema Fernandez and Rana George. Best friends and partners in crime both Nelu and Rana are a crazy duo. A white wedding wedding followed a grand reception at Bangalore palace and a high energy cocktail party at JW Marriott with an amazing performance by Benny Dayal.

The decor was planned to be elegant and peachy so were the invites, outfits and entertainment

Make up – Ralph Daniels

Photography –

Performance during Reception – Prakash Sontakke’s group

Performance during Cocktails – Benn Dayal with Funktuation


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