3P Talks – A Quick Chat With Our Ace Planner Crystal

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Crystal from 3 Productions has come a long way chasing her dream to be a wedding planner. Here’s us sitting down with her for a quick chat:

-Being a part of the wedding industry is the exact opposite of a 9-5, what’s your typical day at the ‘office’ like?

Crystal: Well, firstly there are no typical days in the wedding industry. It’s always something new, but the office clock ticks around a balanced schedule of planning and executing weddings. I ideally like to work within prefixed brackets and plan my day schedules of calls, mails and market trips.

-While most people aim to get a cushioned desk job, you chose to put together fairy-tale weddings – clearly it’s a passion, where does it stem from?

Crystal: It all goes back to my childhood days which are when I used to attend a minimum of 10 to 15 weddings every year. While the wedding party focused on the couple, I always had my eyes on the decor & the embossing on invites.  However, three years back I made a definite choice after having had the opportunity to plan my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary – I just knew I belonged to the world of weddings.

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-Any interesting wedding experiences or incidents you want to talk about?

Crystal: Every wedding has something interesting going on. Couples now choose a baraat for the Sangeet and not specifically for the wedding. The most adorable incident that I’ve witnessed occurred at a December wedding where a 9-month old baby strapped onto a baby sling became a part of a mini flash mob organized for the couple!


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-When you plan to walk down the aisle, would you plan your own wedding? A no to this question asked would be ironical.

Crystal: Beyond a shadow of doubt, this would be a 100% YES! I’d want to do plan my wedding with my family and close friends – I’d have it no other way.



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 -What places in India and out of India make for ideal and strikingly beautiful wedding destinations?

Crystal: In India, there are the ‘glamorous by default’ places like: The Leela, on the secluded Morbor beach; the Taj Exotica on the quiet Varca beach at Goa; and quite a number of diverse places in Jaipur, Udaipur and Kerala. Stepping on to foreign shores, you have Jamaica, New York City, Thailand, etc. However, I think the backyard of your farm house could be a perfect wedding destination too; with flowers, rustic elements and fabric you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how an otherwise regular place can look.


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