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The top trending Wedding themed ideas of 2014

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Photo Credits: Pinterest

This fabulous year I encourage you wonderful couples to be married to try out these hot themes for your 2014 wedding. They’re easy, beautiful, colorful and most importantly within budget!

1. Vintage:

The old is always the new in thing, the vintage theme still going strong is a romantic and intimate setting for your big day.

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2. Boho

If you- the bride are fascinated with bright colours, outdoors, and lace as fabric for your wedding dress then consider the Boho theme. It’s simple, hassle free and still beautiful.

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3. Rustic:

Having an outdoors pre-wedding function? Try large barrels with florals, lanterns and nature inspired decor.

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4. Ethereal Neutrals:

Why I love fall weddings? It’s because its so cozy, using beautiful scenery as your base to build your wedding.

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5. Sparkle & Shine:

Add a hint of sparkle to your bouquets & maybe a tad bit of sparkle of your head piece & shoes.

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6. Color Pop:

This summer I advice- bring in the bright hues for 2014 weddings. Bridal bouquets- centerpieces- favors- boutonnieres for the groom- let ’em pop and pop with the hues of VIBGYOR.

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7. High Drama Decor:

Personalize your wedding with tall elaborate center pieces and suspended chandeliers. Going all out with wedding communications and wedding favors.

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8. Garden:

Having your pre-wedding functions would be perfect in your garden. Using refreshing exotic drinks and creative decor will do just it.

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Wedding Speeches….

Credits: Crystal D’sa

One of the things I love about weddings is listening to the toasts; an opportunity for loved ones to express their feelings about the newly wedded. So what do you add in your toast? You could speak of friendships lasting a lifetime, acts of courage, moments of hilarity, or what it feels like to watch your son or daughter go through such a momentous rite of passage. Above all, you hear them talk about LOVE.

Who is to take the mic at the wedding?

The bride and groom, the best man and, if necessary, a significant relative or friend. A good toast is heartfelt and personal, but not too private. Rule of thumb is to keep the toasts short and sweet, no more than two minutes each. Of course, the bride and groom can always take an extra minute or two for. The other rule is to spread out the speeches so that your party doesn’t come to a standstill; plan through with your master of ceremonies

It takes time to come up with the memories and then put them into words; don’t wait until the last minute- practice makes perfect! During an emotional time like this, it’s easy to forget even the most vivid memories or thoughts. Write your speech on cue cards. This way the words are right there. Remember that if it comes from your heart, you can never be wrong.

So here’s a speech by the father of the bride, an emotional time for the father of the bride. But this bride’s dad managed to combine both humor and sweetness into an unforgettable speech. It’s short and cute, sure did get every ones attention.

Wedding shoes you’ll want to wear

Credits : Crystal D’sa

For all those shoeaholics outs there- this one is for you. I most definitely fall into this category

Shoe 1- Pink Satin Slingback Heels

‘Butter Shoes’ has embellished peep-toe pumps to glittery flats, show-stopping wedding shoes that suit any style.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 2- Cap Toe Patent Leather Pumps

Adele inspired Swarovski-studded bow lends some sparkly edge to this otherwise ladylike pump.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 3- Embellished Gold Sandals

No Mediterranean destination wedding is complete without a metallic sandal embellished with gems.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 4- Embellished Flat Sandals

Forget the flip-flops! A chic beach wedding calls for goddess-inspired sandals with lots of bling.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 5- Wedges!!!

It’s quirky enough for outdoor nuptials that demands an out-of-the-ordinary shoe that’s grass-friendly. These do the trick!

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 6- Pumps Pumps Pumps!

For a cosmopolitan ceremony, choose a chic shoe in a timeless wedding shade.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 7- Satin Black Pumps with a Pearl Platform

Such unexpected detailing like this unique pearl platform on classic black wedding shoes.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 8 -Silver Lace Booties

For brides hoping to channel the vintage style, these delicate lace booties exude Victorian-era elegance and grace.

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Photo credits: Pintrest



Shoe 9- Strappy Silver Stilettos

Go for serious city girl glamour with a pair of sleek, sexy stilettos.

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Photo credits: Pintrest

Shoe 10- Suede Embellished Heel Peep Toe Pumps

You’ll make a dramatic exit in these peep-toe pumps with intricate, embellished heels.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


Shoe 11-Floral Watercolor Pumps

Take your island wedding style to the next level with floral-printed pumps or if sparkly is more your style, try these multicoloured ones on for size.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


Shoe 12- Blush Leather and Silk Pump with Feathers

Upgrade from a plain pump to this pretty silk and leather stunner with feathery finishes.

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Photo credits: Pintrest


“That’s all?” , you say. More shoes sometime soon.

Every Bride’s Must-haves!!!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

As picture perfect as we all imagine our wedding day to be, the truth is, there will always be hiccups along the way. A bridesmaid might chip her nail, groomsmen might need a little lint-roller action on his tux and your mascara could smudge with this heat wave. My advice- put together a survival kit for your wedding day! The better prepared you are, the smoother your day will go!

So what do you really need as an Indian bride?

1. Lipstick: The one the bride is wearing. Even the best of lipsticks don’t last more than 6hrs and if we go by the typical punjabi wedding time table, it will be long gone before the baraat enters. The baraats here dance for atleast 1 hour at the gate + 1 hour for the ribbon cutting ceremony where the head sarwali(maid of honour) negotiates with the groom on the shagun (money) to let the baraat enter.

2. Lip Balm: Or you can even keep a tinted balm in the colour of your lipstick to keep re-applying it over your lip colour.


Photo credits: Pintrest

3. Compact: If your wedding is in an open farm house in summer this is a definite must. You don’t want to be an oily bride.

4. Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a lot of it falls down on the bride’s nose. Didn’t think of that, did you? Why should you compromise on those heavily invested candid photographs?

5. Safety Pins: Safety Pins are THE most important thing in the entire wedding. You can catch your chachis and mausis running around asking every second woman “safety pin hai?” Plus the bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/pallu.

6. Band Aid: I can bet that you never took your bridal shoes for a test drive. You saved them up for the wedding to wear for the first time. Don’t do that! But still keep band aids handy in case the shoe bites.


Photo credits: Pintrest

7. Baby Oil: or any anti-septic cream. The bridal jewellery is way too heavy with a mang tikka, nathni (nose ring) popping out of nowhere. So keep a cream handy in case there is some allergy.

8. Aspirin: Sometimes the stress is just too much. I’ve never been there but as a planner I can certainly tell you this from experience. You have to pose for the camera, constantly smile…..and be at your best. The flash could cause headaches. Pop an aspirin and enjoy the rest of the day.

9. Sanitary Pads/Tampons: In case you are one of those forgetful women who can never ever remember your date, or in case your biological clock decides to play tricks- keep one handy.

10. Hair Spray: Because the bride’s hair are the most difficult to fix if anything goes wrong. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

11. Small Mirror: For the touch ups in your car or waiting area. That situation may arise where you’ve got to sit and wait in the car for an hour because the baraat won’t move. Let’s not compromise on that makeup now.

12. Straws: Everybody over looks that tiny little thing. Keep straws handy to drink without messing up your lipstick.


Photo credits: Pintrest

13. Contact Lens solution and a spare: If you wear lenses. You never know.

14. ENO: for immediate gas relief. You never know…..again!

15. Camera: For taking your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up. Wedding photographs take a lot of time. I know you’ll now point out that your top of the range smart phone can do the trick; but really do you want to get hounded with all those phone calls?


 Image: Pinterest

16. Contact Numbers: starting from the catering guy to the flower arrangement guy. Keep a list of numbers of everyone who might come handy.

17. Perfumes or Deodorants: If your sweat producing glands are extra hard working!

18. Mouthwash and Mints: Because you never know. Although in our wedding the bride and groom don’t get to kiss. It’s mint to be! My advice- you’re still meeting everyone else at your wedding



Image: Pinterest

19. Makeup Remover: To take care of smudged kohls and mascaras.

20. Glue or Fevicol: In case a shoe heel breaks

21. Spare Flats: You might not to want to wear high heels while you dance away the night. Toss in a pair, you’ll thank me for it.

22. Your Favorite Music: While getting ready or in the car to relax and take it easy. I do this before! It worked alright!

23. Chocolate Bar: Feels like your stomach is eating itself, and I bet you don’t want to eat an entire meal so you can fit into your dress- chocolates is the perfect solution. Munch on it, just remember to check your teeth in that small mirror your also carrying.

24: Hand Sanitizer: Self explanatory

25. Scissors: Some thread is out of place, you don’t want to be tugging on it and ruining your dress or lehenga.

Did I miss anything?


Rock your jumpsuit down the aisle!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Jumpsuits are all rage on the red carpet, clearance sales, the new fashion line and now finally the wedding aisle!

The trend started by destination wedding brides – now slowly picking up among brides all over the world.


Photo Credits: Pintrest

For those brides that feel absolutely comfortable in their pants, you’re not alone! Alex Arechiga likes the idea. “I actually think they’re really cute and it’s really awesome. Brides are taking a twist on the classic bridal silhouette,” she said.

If you’re too worried about wearing the jumpsuit walking down the aisle, well then you could choose a pre wedding or post wedding function where you could wear one.

The next big question is – How can a jumpsuit be traditional enough to compete with a couture gown?


Photo Credits: Pintrest

You can’t compete with couture!  A jumpsuit is a design of its own; silks, lace and embellishments are the way to go. Work with neck lines to suit your body type. Many women do not feel comfortable in gowns, and that is entirely acceptable. With so many beautiful alternatives available, there is no need to shy away from pantsuits, jumpsuits, and rompers. It’s your wedding day; wear whatever makes you feel awesome.


Photo Credits: Pintrest

Let the jumpsuit work for you; it will leave you feeling radiant, comfortable and work your personality!

3P Talks – A Quick Chat With Our Ace Planner Crystal

Credits: Vijay Isaac

Crystal from 3 Productions has come a long way chasing her dream to be a wedding planner. Here’s us sitting down with her for a quick chat:

-Being a part of the wedding industry is the exact opposite of a 9-5, what’s your typical day at the ‘office’ like?

Crystal: Well, firstly there are no typical days in the wedding industry. It’s always something new, but the office clock ticks around a balanced schedule of planning and executing weddings. I ideally like to work within prefixed brackets and plan my day schedules of calls, mails and market trips.

-While most people aim to get a cushioned desk job, you chose to put together fairy-tale weddings – clearly it’s a passion, where does it stem from?

Crystal: It all goes back to my childhood days which are when I used to attend a minimum of 10 to 15 weddings every year. While the wedding party focused on the couple, I always had my eyes on the decor & the embossing on invites.  However, three years back I made a definite choice after having had the opportunity to plan my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary – I just knew I belonged to the world of weddings.

Photo Credits: George Seemon

-Any interesting wedding experiences or incidents you want to talk about?

Crystal: Every wedding has something interesting going on. Couples now choose a baraat for the Sangeet and not specifically for the wedding. The most adorable incident that I’ve witnessed occurred at a December wedding where a 9-month old baby strapped onto a baby sling became a part of a mini flash mob organized for the couple!


Photo Credits: George Seemon Photography

-When you plan to walk down the aisle, would you plan your own wedding? A no to this question asked would be ironical.

Crystal: Beyond a shadow of doubt, this would be a 100% YES! I’d want to do plan my wedding with my family and close friends – I’d have it no other way.



Photo Credits: Pinterest


 -What places in India and out of India make for ideal and strikingly beautiful wedding destinations?

Crystal: In India, there are the ‘glamorous by default’ places like: The Leela, on the secluded Morbor beach; the Taj Exotica on the quiet Varca beach at Goa; and quite a number of diverse places in Jaipur, Udaipur and Kerala. Stepping on to foreign shores, you have Jamaica, New York City, Thailand, etc. However, I think the backyard of your farm house could be a perfect wedding destination too; with flowers, rustic elements and fabric you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how an otherwise regular place can look.


Mai and Gurpal

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Mr. Gurpal Dhingra, Vice President of Prudent Brokers a man with exquisite taste, he knew exactly what he wanted for his signature wedding. His beautiful bride, now Mrs. Mai Tlau Dhingra form Mizoram along with friends and family flew down to Bangalore for their big fat Punjabi- Mizo wedding.

New folder (2)

Photo Credits: Nithin C.V

What we loved most about the wedding was the personal touch added to every little detail. The guests were housed at JW Marriott Bangalore, everyone received personalized baggage tags, key card holders, cookie &chocolate jars, welcome & itinerary booklets and return gifts from the lovely couple.

The wedding celebrations began on the 21st of December 2013 with the Mehendi & Lunch; and the ladies dressed in gorgeous Indian wear with bright hues. This was followed by a fairy-tale white wedding at the JW Poolside beautifully decorated with white floral arches for a pathway that Mai walked down looking blissful in her white gown.  Their ceremony was simple but tearfully beautiful. This led on to an exciting night with cocktails, sit down dinner and dancing. Entertaining them was one of Bangalore’s most popular bands along with stand up comedians Neeti Tandon and Amit Patla flown down especially from Mumbai. Perfectly timed and executed dinner with tall gorgeous centerpieces; the wonderful looking guests only accentuated the look of the place.

New folder (2)2

Photo Credits: Nithin C.V

The wonderful experience of our Indian weddings are the back to back events lined up for everyone. On 22nd December, everyone cheered; shed a tear, as Gurpal lead Mai into a new life over the chorus of ‘lavans’. The Pink wedding is what they called it. Gurpal arrived at the Gurudwara wearing a grand sherwani and pink shades and awaited his gorgeous bride.


Photo Credits: Lucky Malhotra

To congregate and congratulate the bride and groom, a champagne brunch was held at the JW Kitchen and Lawns filled with brightly decorated canopies. The crowd grooved to beats of the dhol men jamming with the DJ. To say it was beautiful will be putting it lightly, it was quite possibly the wedding of the year, one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.


Photo Credits: Lucky Malhotra

It was quite the signature wedding!


The Braid-y Bunch

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy


Whether you’re the bride, the maid-of-honour or even the mother of the bride, there is a braided style to suit you. Braids have been around since time immemorial and have always been a hot favourite with brides, both Western and Indian alike. It started out as a simple three strand twist; today, the braid has evolved into (for the better, I might add) more complicated and intricate styles.  If the look you are going for is elegant yet stylish, the braid is definitely for you!  Here are a few styles you could consider!


The Braided Chignon

1. Braided Chignon

Inspired by Grace Kelly, the braided chignon is subtle yet elegant. Although the name seems complicated, the braided chignon is a simple braid wrapped into a bun at the nape of the neck. Top it off with a sleek tiara, a bejeweled comb or flowers to add a touch of contemporariness to the look.


The Braided Bun

2.Braided bun


A little less princess and a little more queen, the braided bun is for the bride who wants to look absolutely regal on her BIG day. This slicked back style is a braid coiled in epic proportions with the help of a more than a few extensions. We definitely recommend it for the traditional Indian bride!


The Fishtail Braid

3.fishtail braid

This one is a hot favourite among the PYTs of both Hollywood and Bollywood. Perfect for the contemporary, new age bride (western or Indian), the fishtail is a combination of classy yet current.  You can spice it up with a reverse French braid around the head to give the style some volume. Add a tiny dose of sexy by making it purposefully messy. The style suits both a simple tiara and flowers, whichever you prefer.


The Sideswept Braid

4.Side swept French Braid


If simple is what you have in mind, try the side swept braid. Absolutely easy to do and maintain, it is a low key yet interesting take on the normal pinned back braid. Perfect for the Indian bride.


The Waterfall Braid

5.Waterfall braid

Having an outdoor wedding? The waterfall braid is perfect for you! A little complex but totally stunning, the waterfall braid will definitely give your down do that outdoorsy look. Forego the accessories and pretty it up with a few pretty wild flowers. If you must have a veil, opt for a back veil.


The French Braid


Big in the 90s and an all time favourite, the French braid is classy, elegant and stylish. If you are going the traditional route, pretty it up with flowers and beads. It you are inclined to be slightly more experimental, you can always do a side swept French braid.  And for the completely contemporary, yet regal look, try a French braid bun – we recommend a hair trial for this one!


The Briad-y Bunch


 As cheesy as the name sounds, if you are looking for an interesting, regal hair-do – this is it! The not-so-simple style is in essence a bunch of braids (the number can vary depending on how intricate you want it) pinned up over each other just above the nape of the neck. A style that suits both Indian and western brides alike, you can dress it up with flowers or a veil or even a jeweled clip.


The Halo


Very popular with western brides and flower girls, the halo involves two or three braids wrapped across the head similar to a hair band.  Accessorized with delicate flowers or a simple tiara, the halo is ideal for brides with wavy hair. To add a little interest to the style, combine it with a loose chignon.




There are many things you can do with braids. The key is to choose a style that suits your features. In the run up to your big day, we definitely recommend discussing your favorite styles with your hair dresser, trying out a few, and if you have an exceptional hair dresser (lucky you!), maybe even playing around with the styles to find one that suits you best. And of course, the cardinal rule for everything you do with regard to your wedding attire applies here too – take someone who will give you an honest opinion along!