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Rock It Out – Top 5 Rock Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Credits: Vijay Isaac

Profound in their contexts and heartwarming in their audible presence, rock songs about love can be amongst the best things to happen at your wedding. We’ve taken the pains to find for you five of the best rock ballads that can be played at your wedding – keep on ‘marrying’ in the free world:

1.Firehouse – You Are My Religion


For a song from a band that’s mostly known for their rock numbers devoted to love, ‘You Are My Religion’ comes as no surprise. On this wedding rock favorite, Firehouse takes their guitar + mush-quotient to a very adorable level. How else can you explain lyrics as charming as this; “You’ve come and saved me, For all eternity, In the name of the Father and the Son, You are my religion….”

2. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing


A radio-regular and a rock classic, no wedding can be complete without this heartfelt ballad from Aerosmith’s tuneful cellars. What makes this song so special is that you don’t necessarily need to be a fan of rock music to fall in love with it. Universal in its appeal and strong in its composition, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ is arguably one of Aerosmith’s most memorable hits – don’t not play it at your wedding.

3. Bread – Baby I’m A Want You


Not too many people may have heard this Bread hit, nonetheless, it’s a still a great song. Musically, it’s pleasing to the ears and lyrically it’s as honest as it gets. Slightly ambient and excessively enjoyable, ‘Baby I’m A Want You’ is a sweet-sounding delight all the way.

4. Eagles – Love Will Keep Us Alive


Most people only know the Eagles as a synonym for ‘Hotel California’, but for a true fan of the iconic band, there’s so much more to their music. In this case, ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’, serves as a prime example. Crisp in its sounding and melodic in its maneuvers, this song is really a glass of cooled wine on a hot summer afternoon – give in to its thrills on the day of your nuptials.

5. Mr. Big – Nothing But Love

Paul Natkin Archive

Known for their hard-hitting riffs and musical dexterity, Mr. Big’s ‘Nothing But Love’ is a toned-down surprise for fans of the band and rock music in general. Released when the band was in its prime and taken from their hit album ‘Bump Ahead’, this song is everything you’d look for in a rock number. Soft at parts and loveably loud when required – don’t give this one a miss.

A Saree Affair – The art of choosing a blouse design

Credits: Sasha La’Brooy

If there was ever an outfit that pays the ultimate tribute to the female form, and never goes out of style, it is the saree. Dating back to as far as 1800 BC, sarees have been the traditional attire of the Indian woman, whatever the occasion may be. The one aspect that has changed over the decades, however, is the design of the blouse. Today’s bride has a wide gamut of options to choose from – an interesting yet daunting task. The trick is to choose a design that will flatter you.

To get you started, here are a few options.

Traditional Styles:

The round and square neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Probably the first neckline to be used for saree blouses, the round and square neck suits just about everyone and looks good on both tall and short women alike.

Rectangular and oval neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

The rectangular and oval neckline is best suited to shorter women. However, if the saree is heavy, opt for a designer back instead.

Chinese collar


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Made famous by actress Rekha, the Chinese collar is perfect for women with longer necks. It accentuates the neck and makes the saree look all the more appealing.

High neck


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Again, ideal for women with long necks, the high neck emphasizes their best feature. If you are looking into wearing a high necked blouse, try adding in heavy embellishments around the neckline for that oomph factor, especially if it is a light saree.

3/4th Sleeves


Photo Credits: Pinterest


Nothing says class like the 3/4th sleeve. Flattering on women of all shapes and sizes, the 3/4th sleeve is fashionable and suits every kind of saree. You can go traditional with a simple square neck or spice it up a bit with a plunging neckline at the back!


Contemporary Styles:

Knots and ties


Photo Credits: Pinterest

A favourite with most women, back ties add an element of interest to the back neckline especially with low necks. Another interesting design is the back knot. If you are looking to add some character to your blouse, the knot is definitely a good way to go.



Photo Credits: Pinterest

Mirror work and stones are a good option, especially if the saree is on the plainer side. A heavily blinged up blouse will definitely give your outfit a richer look.



Photo Credits: Pinterest

A style for the truly contemporary bride, cut work is the perfect combination of classy and radical and designed to emphasize your favourite feature, be it your neck, your back or your hands.

A few more thoughts on the subject!

Contemporary styles suit slim women best. You can try sleeveless or puffed blouses or even high necked and collared blouses.

The most versatile shape, the athletic/mid range woman, can pull off just about any design. Short sleeves will work best to your advantage, although the long, net sleeves are a good option. For you we say go wild and choose what you like!

If you are on the chubbier side, avoid puffed sleeves and sleeveless blouses. Opt for 3/4th sleeves to best accentuate your figure. You can also play around with boat necks and v-necks or even a choli styled blouse.

In the end, whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Discomfort shows and you will have a long night ahead. So choose a design that you feel good in!

Cake Walk- Alternate routes to your sweet tooth!

Credits: Crystal D’sa

Most couples would feel that a wedding is not a wedding without a cake. Brides as we know it mostly invest a lot of time finding the perfect one for the special day. But let’s just take a trip down memory lane and figure out where it all began.

How it all started?

Roman times- Well cakes were not yet invented at the time, so mostly they used a loaf of freshly baked bread to do the tradition. So why was this done? They believed it would benefit and provide good fortune.


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Medieval Period- The custom was to stack sweet buns in a pile end and the couple would try to kiss over the pile. If they succeeded, they would be blessed with children.


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17th to 19th century-The brides pie was introduced. It was either made of minced pie, filled with sweet buns or mutton. The bride would hide her ring inside the pie and then distribute sliced pie to her female guests. The lucky lady would be next in line to marry!

Even before stacking of cakes represented fertility and modern tradition leads us to believe that the bottom layer is cut to symbolize continuity of their relationship.

So does it matter what the ideal cake should be made of?


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You could pretty much fancy it any way if you’re not big cake fan. We’ll show you how!


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For those brides and grooms that wish to creative, this is a small means to do it. If couples today get a baraat for the sangeet and not the wedding day, a truffle cake can most definitely substitute a sponge plum cake. A creative cake can create quite the statement and well you just very much be the trendsetter!