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Unplugged Weddings

Credits to Crystal D’sa

Candid Photography…We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

sunitha nadig

Photo Credits: Sunitha Nadig Photography

When you’ve paid anything from many thousands or over a lakh, why would you want your guests ruining it for you?

A valuable takeaway from this article is the ‘unplugged’ wedding concept which basically implies that  the bride and groom asks the guests not to take any kind of shots during the actual ceremony itself. After the ceremony is entirely over, it’s the couples choice to grant permission! Let’s just let the photographers do the job they were hired to do and guests can just enjoy… well … being guests.



Do you see that? Now you may ask me WHY??? How I dread questions that start with ‘W’, but I  will tell you exactly why so!



When your photos come back from your photographer, all your guest shots include your favorite people staring at their hi-fi devices. every guest is tweeting or posting the whole wedding on facebook. I thought they were present to be with you.


Source: Corey Ann Photography

Flash from the camera- the photographers biggest enemy!

Really you might have just killed that moment- the first kiss, the first hug, or that tear drop falling from the brides eye.


 Source: Corey Ann Photography

The smaller enemy- The red dot!



Photo bombing pictures might be fun during the after party but you might just be uninvited to the couples future events!



All the beep, beep, click, flash…the noise pollution during your most intimate moment. It was supposed to be an intimate wedding that’s now just paparazzi.

I’m not the only one who vouches for this concept, the experts say so too. Stay tuned to know what’s their take on an Unplugged Wedding.

Accessories for gorgeous Indian brides

Credits to Crystal D’sa

Venue… Check!
Candid Photographer… Check!
Candid cinematography… Check!
Fiance… Oh yes! Check!

accessories for ME…Oh no… Can’t check!”

After haven taken care of the most important wedding decisions- choosing your wedding accessories should be the next thing on your wedding checklist. Indian women are beautiful and make gorgeous brides, but you can’t achieve this without the best Indian wedding accessories to accomplish your outfit.

Indian bridal accessories:

Shoes- One of the most overlooked accessories! What you need to remember while buying these, ‘COMFORT!’
These will support you for the entire day, so opt for comfort over style! MY advice- Wear them around the house for an house for a week. Let’s avoid those painful shoe bites now!

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Jewelry- The most displayed accessory on you. Your mother, his mother, the photographer and everyone at your wedding will be out to look at what rests on your neck. COMFORT- a mantra you should bear in mind. Coordinate your buy with your outfit. If your outfit is heavy, stay simple and light on your jewelry.

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Purse- I recommend that every bride should carry one. It’s an add-on to your outfit but also practical. What needs to go into it- your phone, compact, lipstick and tissues.Let it be of moderate size, elegant and practical for your use.

Bindi- North, South, East or West; every bride has a different look. Coordinate your bindi with other forehead decor and hairstyle.

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Anklets- ‘The new bride announces her entry into her husbands house with the tinkling of her payal’, so I read. Tinkling or not, it’s auspicious to wear them at your wedding. It could be gold, silver, beaded wood, crystals or semi- precious stones. Ideally an anklet needs to be 2-3 inches larger than your ankle size so that the embellishments fall right under the ankle bone.

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Armbands- There are varieties exquisitely hand crafted in gold, zircon stones and other precious stones. Armbands or Bajuband is given to the bride by her sister-in-law to protect the bride for the rest of her life.

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Nose rings- Considered as one of the signs of getting married, a way of honoring Parvathi ( Hindu Goddess of marriage) or a style statement; when opting for one on your wedding day bear in mind that it should compliment your trousseau, face cut and other jewelry. Available in studs, rings and nath.

Earrings- Keep them simple and elegant. You don’t want your photographs showing your earlobes stretching due to the weight.

Rings- The engagement ring is one of many rings, but brides can opt to put more than one for a wholesome look. ‘Haathpool’, bracelet with rings is something brides can opt for a holistic, rich look.

Bangles- It could be glass or gold. It completes the married look.

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Mehendi- This would essentially depend on which part of India you come from. Try it out and test it to ensure you’re not allergic to it.

Mang tika- Also called Shringar; a central piece attached to a string on one and a hook on the other.Your face is the most photographed, so try a sample shoot with your makeup and accessories to evaluate if they compliment each other.

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Source: www.shaadikigali,.com

Makeup- This is a ‘make or break’! Have skin treatments started a year prior to your wedding and have a makeup trial done to pick out a look for your wedding. You don’t want to be shocked with what you see in the mirror.

Nail polish- choose a dark colour because being an Indian bride you would have had haldi and mehendi ceremonies. This could have stained your finger nails. French manicure is out of the option for you; opt for maroon, red or gold.

Toe rings- Also called bichua, the toe ring is very important in many states in India. Think from a photography aspect- how would you want it to look. Also, ladies think – COMFORT!

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Waistband- Also called kamarband, an accessory to accentuate your waistline. Keep pattern in mind, you don’t want it poking through your skin while you sit.

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Every brides mantra- “Comfort, Smile, Happiness”