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Opt for Wedding Registries

Credits to Crystal D’sa

Everyone loves birthdays, weddings, basically any function that involves receiving gifts. I’ve had the privilege of putting together my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary and it was oh so grand, 50 years after all!  It was that moment when I was ready to rip all the wrapping paper apart and see what they received for such a prestigious occasion and I was horrified with the ridiculousness.

After 50 years, guests still thought my grandmother needed cooking items, trays and other sorts of kitchen appliances; as if after three succeeding generations she wouldn’t have the same stocked up with her. That’s when I told her, “You should have registered for gifts.”

Registering for a gift isn’t really asking for much, at least you won’t have to receive things that you don’t like, won’t use and give away. Engaged couples often set up wedding registries to help guests choose gifts that the couple will enjoy using. Setting up a wedding registry will help you and your guests avoid purchasing duplicate gifts or avoid unwanted gifts. This concept hasn’t caught on in India YET, but be the first to do it. It’s practical, hassle free and NO it isn’t rude as long as you follow a few DO’s and DONT’s.


The DO’s and DONT’s of Wedding Registries

Don’t go overboard

When registering, stick to two or three stores you love. Choose a national department store or chain that has lots of household basics. Think of your guests – select stores of low, medium and high end to that they have a variety to choose from.

Do Register Ahead of Time

Complete your registry four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day, but also for your engagement and Sangeet.

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Don’t Tell Guests Where You’re Registered in Your Invitation

Once you have registered, give the information to immediate family and the wedding party, and let them spread the word. If you are asked where you have registered, go ahead and tell them, but it is not proper to include registry information in a wedding invitation. Registry information can be included on a wedding website- it gives them easier access to see what you have registered for.

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Do Register for Enough Gifts

Register for more, so there will be plenty of items to choose from. Think about who your guests are, and register for gifts in a wide range of prices, or choose individual items rather than sets, as with pots and pans, for instance. Put a few expensive items on your registry, but balance them with equally with more affordable options.

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Don’t Ask for Money

Now I know that this would just simplify it all, but it’s still taboo to ask for it. You could register for stocks via website or register for your honeymoon through a travel agency.

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Do Review Your Registry

Your registry may not automatically notify you when a gift has been purchased, review your registry every few weeks, and more frequently as the wedding approaches. Use your updated registry to help you keep up with writing thank-you notes.


Don’t Limit Your Registry

Don’t just register for now, you’ve promised and settled to spend your entire life together, register for gifts that will be practical even in the long run. It just prolongs the excitement.


Do Write Thank-You Notes Right Away

Ideally, you should acknowledge every present immediately; writing a note the day you receive it is best, but sending it within two weeks is also acceptable. Obviously, the period surrounding your wedding is a busy time; if you fall short, just make every effort to send a thank you as soon as you can — but no later than three months!

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Don’t Worry if You Don’t Get Everything on Your Registry

If you don’t receive everything you registered for, don’t worry. At least you got half of it!





Thrash your wedding dress or … NOT?

Credits to Crystal D’sa

It’s one of those mindless moments and I’m wondering what’s disposed off into the thrash; egg shells from breakfast, floor sweepings, paper balls after all that scribbling, empty bottles, but a WEDDING DRESS- not so much. I’m not married but a wedding planner by profession, I’ve not seen it personally. Probably the trend hasn’t caught on in India.

Thrash the wedding dress, fearless bride, rock the frock; call it whatever you like but my question to you- ‘Is the photo shoot really worth thrashing your wedding dress?’

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Source: Jeff Cooke Photography

The trend started with photographer John Michael Cooper in Las Vegas in 2001 but the idea originated from Meg Cummings of the show Sunset Beach. Remember the scene when she ran into the ocean in her wedding dress?

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Source: Michael Moss Photography

Black wedding dresses, mullet marry me dresses, Tina Turner’s black and green Swarovski embroidered dress or Jessica Biel’s frothy pink dress- NOT your thing? Maybe thrashing your wedding is just it!

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Source: Michelle Blair Photography

How to thrash your wedding dress? Adventurous brides have jumped off cliffs, climbed trees, doused themselves with paint — even para sailing. There are plenty of ways to do this but one bride Natasha Samuel  took it one step too far.

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Source: White Studio Potography

Yes! They soaked the back in flammable liquid and set it on fire.

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Source: Darbi G Photography

Many brides have made it to national news. Are you next?

Myths at our big fat Indian weddings

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Finnish brides keep a match to keep their love burning. Mexican brides sew three coloured ribbons to summon passion, bless food and bring financial luck. Bells are chimed at Irish weddings to keep evil spirits away and Italian couples smash glass estimate how many happy married years they have.

So what do us as Indians have? Plenty, trust me.

The darkness of the mehendi colour on her hand shows the deep love and respect she will receive from her husband and mother-in-law!

It’s almost every brides dream to design her wedding trousseau. Think twice, it’s considered unlucky to design your wedding outfits.

The English began ‘something new, old, borrowed, and blue and six pence in her shoe’. Borrowing from a happy bride or couple will bring you good luck but lending it, not so much. Indian irony-Your generosity might be bad omen.

Wear earrings when you are married and you will always be happy.

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A week before the wedding, the bride and seven married women of her family make small balls of “chana dal ” (lentil), which are later dried and sent to the groom’s house to ensure that the pantry is always full with plenty to eat.

Crossing black cats path-unlucky! But if you see a black cat or a rainbow on your wedding day then it is considered to be a good luck. Spotting an open grave, lizard or a pig is a bad fortune.

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Cats and weddings seem to go hand in hand.  A week before the wedding, it is considered good luck to have a cat eat out of your left shoe.

Our relationship with animals doesn’t end yet. In some places, the prospective groom sent members of his family to express his interests to the prospective bride; if, on their way, they saw a blind man, a monk, or a pregnant woman, it was thought the marriage would doomed. If, however, they saw nanny goats, pigeons, or wolves, good fortune would come to the marriage.

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In some Hindu families, the bride is given a knife or any other sharp metal object to carry with her at all times after she is engaged till the wedding, so that she can protect her virtue – even from her fiancé! Grooms, watch out.

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Don’t let your tea or coffee spill over-if boiling milk spills over it is considered to be a sign of pending misfortune.

It is good luck for the bride to take one look in the mirror once she is fully attired, but she should not look again. What a pity! Well, at least she’ll have photographs to look at.

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Terrified? I hope not.


Must-dos before deciding the length of your wedding veil

Credits to Leanne Pais

You’ve finished dressing up.

As you gaze at yourself in the oval-glass mirror, someone helps you put your veil on.

And that’s it. You’ve had made a memory. As you smile at your reflection, you no longer see a woman in a beautiful white gown, you see a bride.

Your veil is more than a simple accessory for your gown. It is the accessory that’s going to set off your gown, accentuate your figure and highlight your beautiful face. This diaphanous piece of fabric gives you more choices than you know what to do with.

What material do you want it in? What colours do you have to choose from? Are there multiple varieties of veils to choose from? The questions go on.

But we’re going to take this one step at a time. So before we start all else, you need to decide how to determine the length of your veil.

Step 1: Decide on the way you intend to style your hair before choosing the length of your veil. The hair accessories and hairdo you choose determines the height at which your veil will be pinned.

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  Photo Credits – Priyanca Daga

Step 2: While your veil is the most important accessory, remember not to let it overpower your gown. Choose a veil that flows 3 inches below the back neckline of your gown. The extra 3 inches will make you look elegant and tall. Add an extra touch of class by making sure that there isn’t a break between the veil and the back neckline of your gown.

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Step 3: To effectively accentuate your figure, take your height into consideration. An elbow-length veil is perfect for you, if you’re shorter than 5’4”. However, consider going for a fingertip-length veil, which accentuates your frame, if you’re taller than 5’7”. If you’re in between these heights, let your gown and heart-strings decide what kind of veil would suit you best.

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Photo credits – Sowmya Photography

Step 4: You now have a fairly clear idea of what to keep in mind while selecting your veil. Follow these three steps and you’re golden! The last thing you need to, that would finally determine the exact length of your veil would be to check out the types of veils available. From Birdcage veils to Cathedral veils, we’ve got it all covered in our next post.

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Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…

Credits to Crystal D’sa

This Victorian Era quote was customary to every bride; she’d take the effort to incorporate each of these elements into what she wears as good luck for a happy marriage. The original, “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue and six pence in her shoe” has profound symbolism.  Usually, this quote applies to the brides wedding outfit, but couples today incorporate these elements in their wedding decor too. It may go unnoticed by the guests but are personal and have sentimental value to them.

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Agreed, this quote was Victorian and then the American bride borrowed this tradition too, but we aren’t too far behind, many Indian brides are accustomed to this too and insist on following it.

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Something old represents continuity with the bride’s family and past. Many brides use their mothers or grandmothers wedding gowns, lenghas and sarees. You could borrow a bit of it and bring into play your designs. Vintage jewelry, compact mirrors. ‘Something borrowed’ need not be something from your mother and grandmother; it could very well be something from your father like his button from an old suit; brides have been known to attach their fathers button at the hemline of the dress.

Something new symbolizes the couple’s optimism for their new life together. Your wedding trousseau is new but if their family heirlooms then there are several new elements you could add to complete your wedding look. Finding new elements are the least of your worries, there’s an endless list to choose from.

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Something borrowed represents happiness; an item from a happily married family or friend whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride. This shouldn’t be impossible, just ask for an element that was used at their wedding- a piece of jewelry, a clutch, or shoes too! You needn’t have to walk in them to avoid blisters on your wedding day. You could simply carry a handkerchief or prayer book.

Something blue; in ancient Rome it symbolised love, fortune and fidelity. A blue garter, some orchids in your bouquet, a blue hair pin, blue shoes or nail colour for your toe nails.

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Credits: Sowmya Photography

Needless to say sixpence no longer counts. It was worth six pennies; this originally was a Scottish custom to place it in their left shoe! Grooms I’m sure your bride isn’t going to place one in her shoe maybe you could try being part Scottish for a day.