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Exotic Honeymoon Locations Across The World

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If there’s just one thing to top up a flawless destination wedding, it has got be a honeymoon on foreign shores. New age couples are always looking to break away from the norm, to create a norm for themselves really. From over-the-top weddings to underwater nuptials, the most daring amongst them all have been there and done that. However, when looking to take everything to the next page, exotic honeymoons are currently the rage.
Not that we are honeymoon experts or anything of that sort, but given that we have worked on so many weddings, we’d like to believe we are knowledgeable enough to impart generic details on some of the most exotic honeymoon locations across the world.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, Bahamas has got to be a favorite pick. The greetings of the sand paired perfectly well with the visual of tempting blue waters will only see you falling in love twice as much. What makes the Bahamas so unique in its appeal is not its characteristic laidback spirit that will be quick to dominate you, but how easy it can be to feel very one with the place, rapidly helping you to forget monotony we suppose. Head to the Bahamas if tropical charm, global attractions and an eclectic twist of ecology are what you are expecting from your honeymoon trip.

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A far cry away from the Bahamas or any other beach-country destination, Italy is a honeymoon paradise in its own way. Falling in love in Italy, over and over again shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Cobblestone streets, period churches, art all around, museums, the food, the wine, the people, the culture, everything can seem absolutely loveable, almost making you want to stay in Italy forever, never wanting to return home. However, what can be a challenge for us is to single out any one Italian destination, possibly because every little and big thing about the country is nothing short of a treat to the senses. The draw of Venice, Tuscany’s rolling sunflower hills, the culture in Florence and the history of Rome, makes it difficult to just pick out one part of Italy. However, what can be pretty simple to do is to decide on which part of Italy appeals to you the most and pack your bags to just that one, and if love bites harder when in Italy, which it mostly will, visit every other part of the glorious country too.

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 Going by common knowledge, very rarely do we hear of couples honeymooning off to Mexico, at least in our part of the world. For us, we can’t help but wonder why? To pack our bags off to taco-land and with an icing of love would be nothing but a dream come true.
Any which way you look at it and not going by views and opinions shared on talk shows and in the movies, Mexico is as welcoming as a country can get. What you can expect from the historical land is pretty much endless. Beaches surrounded by greenery that stretches to as far as the eye can see, nature clubs, nightclubs, museums, top-of-the-rung tourist services, golf courses, exotic foods, romance all the way, really. What is also striking about the country of Mexico is its hotels. The ones high on experiences will strike for you a great balance between what is nature and what is man-made. Look to head to such hotels when in Mexico, and along with everything else in the country, a truly gratifying experience is a surety.

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Want to discover your wild side when on your honeymoon? No more questions asked, destination Kenya it is.
To put some thought into it, Kenya cannot really be your typical honeymoon destination, but then we are not dwelling on the done; we are dwelling on the undone which is Kenya – a wild paradise from time immemorial. From the roars of a lion shattering the silence of an African night to the sighting of migratory zebra and wildebeest, it doesn’t get any wilder. If you are looking for a honeymoon that is loaded with adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, choose Kenya, it’s after all the country home to the awe-inspiring Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Arya Samaj Weddings read like poetry…

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The rites at an Arya Samaj wedding are like poetry- simple yet enveloped in beautiful symbolism. The couple forms the forefront of the ceremony, in its celebration of togetherness in the truest sense- the couple in place of idols.

It begins with the exchange of garlands by the couple- I accept you to be my partner for as long as I shall live.

The bride then offers honey, ghee and curds to the groom- We will be hospitable to all who come to our home, and I, the bride, am determined to turn any sourness into sweetness.

It is an inclusive ceremony- We give you our daughter, look after her well.

And it is all about the promise- She is mine, as I am hers. 

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You are my wife. You are my husband and we are one. Together we can take on the world. Welcome to the rest of our lives.

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                                      Photo credits to Nithin – F Shutter Photography

Through the course of the ceremony the bride and groom promise themselves to each other in ways that are symbolic, spiritually.

Water from two separate glasses is poured into a bowl, symbolising that two hearts have become one and can never be told apart.

Mantras are prayed and offerings are made to fire as a witness to God.

The groom holds his bride’s right hand as a symbol of trust and a promise to keep her happy as his life’s partner, as they make their symbolic walk around the fire.

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                                                         Photo credits to Sudeep

The groom then pledges his love and devotion, while the bride places her right foot on a piece of rock, symbolising the stability of their commitment to each other.

The bride offers puffed rice to the fire- praying for her husband to be blest with a long life. The couple then walks around the fire thrice, symbolising the groom’s happiness to welcome his bride into his house.

And together, the couple takes the seven steps of marriage, symbolising the tying of the sacred marital knot that entwines their lives.

The ceremony comes to an end when the couple is blest by their families and elders.



Sukanya and Lutz

This was surely memorable one. Sukyanka and Lutz – all we can say is the perfect fit! I remember our first meeting with the couple – cute, handsome and very progressive. The supremely organized yet laid back and friendly nature of Lutz and Sukanya took to us immediately.

We planned the wedding with for over 5 months with the couple and Ms. Meena Sanyal (mother of the bride). This Indo-German wedding was going to be one fun affair due to the cultural confluence. This brigs us to think that most inter cultural weddings are filled with an air of excitement, surprises and vibrancy as the families break away from the serious moments of the wedding and enjoy a culture new to them. We met for several meeting and scheduled for taking up segments of  the wedding each meeting hence covering invites, budgets, décor, guest management, hotel, venue recces etc.

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The wedding colours were yellow, orange, purple and white. The invite designed for the wedding had the similar flow of colours and the itinerary notes as well. Guests flew in Germany and across India and were put up at hotels across the city and welcomed with packaged gift hampers in all rooms.

Mehndi and Sangeeth was held at Anghana – Kanakaura road. Street food and chaats for mehndi and barbeque and spirits for the Sangeeth. This day was designed with colouful diwan seating, floral carpets and shear fabric hangings across the venue.

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The interesting element of the Sangeeth was Polterabend. This is a German custom which involves smashing plates and china (but not glass) as a sign of good luck for the married couple. The idea is that these plates will be broken, but never the marriage. At the end of the fun, the bride and groom have to clean up all of the shards and pieces. The Polterabend usually turns into a fun, informal party with the couples’ friends, family, and neighbors.

Watch this beautifully made video by Creative couple –

The wedding held at Tamarind tree Kanakapura road begun with Haldi and moved into baraat, varmala and a serene, meaningful yet entertaining Arya Samaj wedding. We absolutely love the arya samaj weddings and the way it is conducted.

Tamarind tree is a wedding planners paradise as the place has such immense scope for design and décor. The venue was decorated with marigolds, but this time used as individual stalks and not the entire length.

The wedding transitioned into a reception. Sukanya was dressed in the exact same outfit as Lutz’s grandmother that was worn by his mother at her wedding as well.

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We wish you load of love and nothing but the best in life!

Photography – Coffee Stains

Cinematography  – Creative Couple

Make up – Veronica

Catering – Gangotree, Guru and Spento Cooper