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The 10 Commandments of Bridal Makeup

Credits to Leanne.

Always, always go for the classic and timeless look- subtle and minimalist makeup. Trends fade out faster than you think and when it’s time to get nostalgic over wedding photos, you’d rather be smiling at your classy self than cringing at the trendsetter you used to be.

You don’t want to look pale and chalk faced in your wedding photos .Bronzing powders work like magic to make your skin tone warm. However, go easy on it by opting for golden-toned bases and concealers.

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Make up by Gouri Kapur and Photo credits to Simon Photography .

To look radiant on your wedding day, don’t camouflage your beauty by wearing bright coloured eye-shadows and rouge. Opt for lighter and more natural colours. It’s safer not to over-correct any blemishes you might have, because if your concealer’s even a shade too light, odds are it’ll be overemphasised in your photos.

Wedding makeup trials are a must. Schedule one at least a month in advance, so you get to see what you’d look like on your wedding day. Take a photo of your wedding dress so that your makeup artist has an idea of what you’d look like in it and can take cues from it while  planning your makeup for the wedding.

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Make up by Harish and Photo credits to Love’ll Dsouza

Not many people are aware of this, but world renowned makeup artists’ advice against using talc-based powder foundations. It is believed that this type of foundation can oxidise and darken on your face, giving you a splotchy look as the day progresses. Instead, opt for gel based foundations, as they leave your skin moisturised.

Emphasise your eyes but don’t get carried away by the latest trends. Shimmers, highlights and any light-refractive makeup can leave your skin with a very unflattering shine. Stick to neutral shades for your shadows and opt for eyeliners in black, navy or brown.

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Make up artist Ralph  Daniels and Photo credits to creative couple

Everyone loves the Blushing Bride look. Opt for a peach or rose tinted blush. Cream blushes work well to give you the lovely natural dewy glow, but if you tend to have oily skin powder blushes can be used to give you the same effect.

Pink, rose and red lip colours look absolutely stunning for all skin tones. In addition, it leaves you looking bright and vibrant all day long.

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Make up artist Yani Shrivastava and Photo credits to Lucky Malhotra

Get the best out of your lip-liner by using it evenly over your lips and not just to highlight the contours. This helps you with long lasting lip-colour, and when your lipstick fades, it fades out evenly.

And finally, enjoy yourself. Smile a lot, ‘cause no makeup can make up for that radiant smile in all your photos!

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Make up by Santosh and Photo credits to Vinay Aravind Images

**As your Wedding Planners we encourage you to most importantly try cruelty free cosmetic products. (Cosmetics that are not animal tested). May be you ll be one of those people who will actually make a difference at the wedding !**



Candid Wedding Photography – Why are we vouching for it

Credits to Vijay Isaac.

By definition, candid photography is photography accomplished without preparing a subject for a pose. In reality and in the context of weddings, it is a set of your most frank, natural and loveable moments caught on camera. No ‘smile please’, ‘say cheese’ or ‘look here madam’.

Over the past few years, candid wedding photographers have become a complete must for a successfully memorable wedding. This has mostly come about because of the lifelong beauty candid photographers add to a wedding. Yes, every nuptial agreement still has its down-the-road studio guys doing their thing—picture flashy lights, average cameras and non-stop and non-aesthetic photography. This apart, candid photographers have come to be in a league of their own because of the way they operate, the equipment they possess and the output they deliver which can be soft copies of photographs or high-quality wedding albums, or both. Of course, the quality of service can vary from photographer to photographer.


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Credits to Simon Photography

A good candid wedding photographer can operate in two proven ways. One, he or she can go about their business without asking the bride or groom to pose specifically for them. Two, he or she can get some of the best shots taken without even being detected by the bride or the groom, maybe just like a sniper, but a one who shoots with a camera and thankfully not a gun. Sometimes, wedding photographers can also ask couples to pose, to add some rhythm to their candid shots. This will mostly be done during a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shoot.

Why Are We Vouching For The Breed Of Candid Wedding Photographers?

For this one, we can go on and on about why you should have a candid photographer at your wedding, but there are just a few hallmark reasons that demonstrate why a good wedding photographer put to work is an absolute must.

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Credits to Nitin & Preetham – F shutter Photography

Professionalism – Pro Vs. Joe

Professional candid wedding photographers come with the promise of professionalism. Just like how a doctor would go about executing a surgery, a professional wedding photographer would go about covering a wedding. Do not look at saving on the dough by hiring your neighbor’s son to cover your wedding because he shot great pictures of your uncle’s pet pony running around in a farm. BIG MISTAKE! Weddings and the skillful photography associated with it are entirely a different ballgame. You need a professional. You wouldn’t trust your cousin with a tooth extraction because he owns a dentist’s drill, loves dentistry and knows six dentists, would you? Then why even get into NOT hiring a professional to cover your wedding, something that is possibly a thousand times more important than a tooth extraction.

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Credits to Reagan Raj 

Quality – Why Compromise?

Like how candid wedding photographers come with the promise of professionalism, they also do come with the promise of quality. With the hiring of an experienced and reputed wedding photographer what you get is nothing short of beauty. To draw a parallel for you, think of how an exceptional artist effortlessly paints on canvas, a wedding photographer does something very similar to this, but only on film. Beautiful edits, well-chosen words, unconventional shots of conventional wedding features and a progression to the pictures without randomness are just a few value additions you can expect from a candid wedding photographer.

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Credits to Sowmya Photography

Going The Distance – A Higher Level Of Involvement

Candid wedding photographers don’t just start their shooting when the ceremony begins and stop when it ends, they go the distance. Couples are whisked away for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots and at beautiful locales. Everything is covered: the cufflinks of the groom, the bride’s diamond earrings, the makeup, the dress, the tuxedo, the shoes, the flowers on the wedding car, the ceremony, the décor, in-laws, relatives, friends, the pageboy, the flower girl, etc. This way you’ll REALLY have something to show your kids.

The Memory Remains

Believe it or not, but your wedding album very naturally becomes a part of your family’s heirlooms, to be passed on from generation to generation. It’s probably that one thing you will treasure the most about your wedding and to remain with you for life. And since you are making a memory out of it, may as well make the memory worth it—timeless photography is what you need to be looking at.

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Credits to Vinay Aravind Images

Know Budget! No Hole!

Contrary to what you might think, a decent wedding photographer shouldn’t put a hole in your wedding budget. Yes, while there may be the burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket guys, you can always arrive at a compromise. The costs of hiring a professional wedding photographer can begin at a little lesser than half of a lakh rupees and go on to a couple of lakhs. With a little bit of asking around, you can very smartly choose the kind of photographer who fall comfortably into your budget allocations.

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Credits to Creative couple

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Credits to Priyanka Daga – Photo alchemy

As your Wedding Planners and Wedding Consultants we recommend that you invest time, money and interest into Candid Photography.


Sanjana and Den

When a wedding planner wants you to plan her wedding it is a very elevating feeling, one the other hand the performance pressure can be quite the nerve wrecker!
We met with Sanjana Thimmaiah and Ms. Neeta Ganapathi at Hotel grand Mercure, the wedding venue . Both these women are inspiring entrepreneurs and extremely progressive in thought.

Sanjana is a budding wedding planner and also a dance instructor, hence I took to her instantly (I have the moves in my head, but a pair of cold feet). She is a very calm, sweet and a bubbly person with a personality that anyone will take to. She became more a friend to us than a client and we continue to be good friends today. Den Thimmaiyah, the groom is also a very friendly and a sorted person.
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I remember looking at them during the night of the set up over a cup of coffee and thinking to myself that they make such a cute and a happy family together. Although, we met Sanjana only during the later phase of the planning process, we were able to plan everything within a month. The practical, structured and calm approach of Sanjana really helped through this entire month.

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Wedding Decorators Bangalore

As Planners we are extremely grateful to have worked with such wonderful families, there is no better feeling than planning a wedding with a family who respect creative freedom and space, and what we try and produce from there, is nothing less than a beautiful dream. The universe has mostly been kind to us and given us the most lovely families to work with. This was one such family.

Sanjana & Den had an Arya Samj wedding. These are the most beautifully conducted weddings, its great fun too. The arya samaj wedding rejects and defies idol worship, it holds the significance of a wedding intensely as a pure earthly bond between man and woman and by worship of god by fire catalyzed through the Gayatri Mantras.

The wedding morning was bright and sunny and the guests poured in gradually, all dressed very colourfully. Sanjana wore a gorgeous red and gold saree draped in the coorgi style. The mandap was primarily white with scallops of marigold and bells to add the rustic element. The garlands were designed with white and tiger mocoro orchids.

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The evening reception mostly had candles, drops of mirrors and crystals which adorned the venue, it contrasted the morning look. We planned for 3 different types of centre pieces with florals and candles. The evening was a blast, none like we had ever seen before. The couple’s entry was choreographed by a vivacious dance by Sanjana’s friends ( and my cold feet shyed away). This kick started a crazy party that was going to last the night and definitely become a memory to stay!
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We thank you guys for letting us be a part of this wedding. Sanjana & Den have nothing less than the best life ahead! Loads of love.
Make up – Ralph Daniels

Photography – Sudeep
Venue – The Grand Mercure

Choosing your wedding flower – Useful tips

Come April and Wedding Season’s here! From the sehra worn by the groom, traditional bouquets held by the bride to the indispensable flower-garlands-Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. Yellow and orange marigolds, alluring red roses, subtle tulips and kalalilies and exotic orchids, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Flowers not only add vibrancy to the event, but they also create a pleasing ambiance. The creativity and the art of arranging flowers is endless.  Floral designing and planning are very vital aspects of decor and design at your wedding. Various things to keep in mind while choosing your weddings flowers are :

The weather – Roses, lisianthus, marigolds, tulips do not stay fresh for too long in the heat, so if you are planning your wedding around summer or in a hot location try avoiding these flowers.

The season – Many flowers are seasonal so consult with your wedding planner and florist about the most suitable flower to go with, to state one the Hydrangeas are most freely available from May – July, calcutta chrysanthemums are available in plenty during December. Do keep in mind that the cost of flowers also vary.

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Time of function – Do keep in mind when you are choosing your wedding flower about the time of the function, vibrant colours like yellows, oranges and pinks are best suited for a morning affair, try whites, purple and shades of red for an evening event.

Traditional/Cut flowers – use traditional flowers like marigolds, jasmine, rudrakshi for traditional events like mehndi or haldi and stick to cut flowers like carnations and orchids for the cocktails and reception. If you do want to mix the two types, consult your wedding planner to help design it.

Various other factors the can help you select your wedding flowers other than those mentioned above are: Floral styles, budget limitations and personal taste v/s what actually looks best.


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Being wedding planners from Bangalore I can tell you that the city has access to a wonderful variety of local and exotic flowers. The flower market in bangalore which opens at 3 A.M. wakes up to a flurry of activity as florists, flower wholesalers, retailers, wedding decorators and planners from across the country come here to access a wide array of flowers. Here are a few tips as to how you can incorporate flowers at your wedding.

Decor & Ambiance :- Flowers are the perfect answer to transforming a plain-looking chowltry or stage into a beautiful set-up. For day events you can use bright colors and opt for flowers such as marigold and roses. For night events you can go for more soothing colors. Flowers and bells look great together, you can even add fabric to the arrangement to add a touch of elegance.

Entrances:- A lot of times people focus so much on getting the décor on the Mandap and stage right , that the entrance décor takes a back-seat. Well, this is where you’ll be welcoming your guests and more often than not, the entrance to the venue will decide the first-impression of the event, and you want it to be a good one. You can use flower garlands or cut-flowers to create that perfect entrance or welcome-pathway for the guests. You can create a simple arrangement or an elaborate set-up.

Mandaps:- Mandaps are usually the center-of-attention of the wedding and  flowers can add that wow-factor to an otherwise dull mandap. If you have a color theme for your wedding you can choose flowers accordingly.

Flower-Rangolis- Rangolis add an extra color and beauty to your wedding. It is said that rangolis help reduce negative energy and radiate positive energy (which is exactly what you may need on what can be a stressful day!). Flower rangolis look very fresh and attractive. Use your creativity and design a beautiful rangoli. You can make traditional designs or contemporary ones. Add candles and diyas for night events to create a lovely arrangement.

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Center-Pieces-  Flowers can be used in center-pieces. You can create a traditional arrangement or ask your wedding-planner for some innovative designs. Flowers paint a picture of beauty and elegance. Use interesting elements like china crockery, bamboo or even banana leaves that would go hand in hand with your wedding flowers

You can use flower-balls as part of your décor, they look absolutely stunning! You can even create a beautiful arrangement by the food-counter

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Flowers are absolutely delightful , you can flirt with a variety of colors and arrangements. Lilies, roses, orchids, jasmine and marigold, it’s your pick and if you need some creative ideas- The Wedding Planners at 3 Productions are always around to help!.

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Photo credits : Image 1 –  Taken Photography on Every Last Detail via Image 2  –  Flickr. Image 3 – Bridal guide – Off beat Productions . Image 4 – Elizabeth Messina on Kiss The Groom. Image 5 – Ian Grant photography. Image 6 – Watson-Studios . Image 7- ZDJ Photography . 


Maang Tikka and Bindis for your Indian Wedding

Old Indian poets have been known to have written endless poetry about the charms and powers of the bindi to draw lovers together.

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Placed in the centre of the bride’s forehead, the bindi is the only accessory that heightens all of the brides features and draws instant attention to her face.
While the term ‘bindi’ originally meant ‘a drop’, today, the term encompasses a wide range of forehead ornamentation in a variety of colours and designs.

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While intricately hand-painted bindis, which are drawn over the arches of the eyebrows, are known for their traditional nature, there’s a lot more that can be done to make the traditional patterns absolutely stunning.

For instance, one can opt for the designer one-of-a-kind bindis that use organic colours and shimmers to make the bindis more vibrant. But if you’ve got worries about the colour spreading and merging, you do have the option of choosing sticker-bindis, which are studded with kundan work and semi-precious stones.

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Consider using the Maang-Tikka style bindi if you’re planning to have a regal bridal ensemble, and you intend to use antique jewellery. The Maang-Tikka, like the jhoomar jewellery, is meant for the forehead and extends into the hairline. The main beauty of the Maang- Tikka lies in the pendant that extends to the middle of the forehead and plays the dual role of a bindi.

These bindis come in a variety of styles, with intricate work that is often embedded with precious stones. The diamond Maang-Tikkas are extremely elegant and chic; a brilliant bindi choice, as most jewellery is essentially based around the Maang- Tikka.

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If you’re more inclined towards simple bindis, consider using a single decorative style of bindi, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available in all sorts of materials like plastic, crystal, stone, vinyl, among others most bindis have sequinned embellishments, and are dusted with gold powder. Some designer bindis also have beads and hand-printed designs. In addition to these bindis, each community has culturally specific bindis that are used on special occasions.

However, while choosing a bindi, try to find one with a hypoallergenic adhesive, as this base prevents allergic breakouts. Also, remember to wear your bridal bindi a few days before the wedding, to see if you have any allergic reactions to it.

Photo credits : Image 1 – Regan Raj : Image 2 – Creative Couple : Image 3 – Simon photography : Image 4 – Simon Photography : Image 5 – Sowmya Photography

Marigold – The Perfect Indian Wedding Flower

This beautiful flower has been used for centuries in Indian weddings. In some traditions it is customary to use the Marigold but that apart it is one the most beautiful flowers to work with. This bright orange and yellow beauty can be used as individual stalks or in chains called ‘ladis’ to design your wedding set up.

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It is perfect to use the marigold for Mehndi, Haldi and the wedding ceremony. The color of the marigold can be beautifully complimented with fuschia, green, white and gold fabric and other elements.

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As wedding planners we try coming up with unique ways to use this flower. To state one among many cut petals of marigold along with red rose petals and jasmine and design floral carpets or rangolis and the scope for creativity with this one is endless.

You could use straight chains to hang vertically from trees and end it with a bell or even use interesting danglers like tassels or combine it with chains of tube-rose flower also called ‘rajnigandha’

Marigold is best suited for a morning set up as natural light does justice to the vibrant shades of this wonderful flower. Do note that marigold is a sensitive flower and does not stay fresh for more than a day, hence needs to be carefully managed during set ups

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You could also use it to give a rustic feel by combining it with elements such as brass lamps, coconut shells, banana leaves etc.

Some couples also like to use marigold to create a theme for the entire wedding flow. You could use it to design your wedding cards – either the flower itself or even the vibrant colors for the inserts. Check out for some interesting wedding cards using marigold.
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Another fantastic way to use marigold is use the flower to pack the Mehendi favors or any wedding favor for that matter or even as pieces of jewelry.

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From wedding invites to itinerary and thank you cards, Mandap and stage décor to centerpieces and Mehendi take-aways to wedding favors, Marigold can be the perfect answer to your wedding flower woes.

Annie and Kalyan

This April we had the privilege to work with another wonderful couple- Meet college sweethearts Kalyan & Annie. Words really can’t do justice to the bond this lovely couple shares but we’ve tried our best to pen it down.

Kalyan and Annie Samraj met at CMC, Vellore, a chance meeting that has paved the way for a lifetime of happiness. Over the years we’ve realized that working with genuinely wonderful couples such as Kalyan & Annie helps bring out the best in us, not only do we enjoy working with the couples much more but it also makes us go that extra mile to plan just the perfect wedding. It’s always a great feeling to find out we’ve been booked for a wedding (over 200 wedding and we still feel so thrilled when we book a new client!), but the happiness only doubles when we realize we’re getting to work with couples and families we can build a lasting relationship with.

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We were introduced to Kalyan & Annie last year in December which was a very busy season for us. Displaying that great sense of understanding we’ve been talking about Kalyan & Annie patiently waited for us to get free giving us the time and space to kick off the planning process.

Our first meeting was with Kalyan’s father Mr Ravi Kumar Banda who is also a doctor and runs a firm in Bangalore called Xcycton Mr. Banda , had the excitement levels of a child through the planning process! He helped us kick-start the celebrations. His positive energy was exciting and contagious, this combined with his great organization skills played a key role in the planning process.

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We met at his office and started ticking things off the checklist- confirmed a charismatic priest who happens to be an ex-chartered account, (such an interesting career change we thought), confirmed our most regular caterer Guru and started chalking out a yummy spread for the Bangalore events. Sometimes, it is so difficult to sit through menu planning (especially if you have skipped breakfast!)

Since both Annie and Kalyan are settled in the US, we had to settle for a video chat where we discussed all the details of the wedding. Our first meeting was early one morning at 9 am, it went very smoothly and among other things, we were able to finalize the colour scheme for the wedding – Orange, yellow, purple and green. This colour scheme was incorporated to most of the elements- the invites, the decor, the clothes and everything else.

We met with Annie’s father Mr.Samraj Joseph to plan out the events lined up in Vellore. Although the heat level in Vellore could drive anybody crazy, Mr.Samraj’s cool helped get through the wedding in a calm manner. We hit it off really well. Mr.Samraj’s simplicity instantly reached out to us. We spent many hours chatting about CMC and Vellore, the meeting was fun and interesting and almost instantly we knew we had quite easily built a bond.

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Kalyan and Annie’s wedding celebrations had a line-up of 4 events – Church wedding and reception at Vellore followed by Cocktails, wedding and reception in Bangalore. Our most memorable part of the wedding was the first event – the blessing ceremony at CMC chapel, this was where Annie and Kalyan studied and met after class… now that is sweet! Decor consisted of a carpet of orange petals, white and orange floral stands with a tinge of purple. We used roses, carnations, daisies and lilies to work with. Our love for roses is a relationship for life! Annie was dressed in a white and gold saree and a sleek puff blouse and Kalyan in a white shirt and dhoti. The Church wedding was followed by Reception at May Flower. The venue by itself has a clean look and good to work with. Decor consisted of orange linen with purple runners, the stage with stands of candles and florals and lights adorning the gardens.

The Bangalore events started off with a bang – Cocktail night had a surprise element planned out by both families for the couple. A slideshow of childhood photos of Annie and Kalyan, emceed by both the fathers. Normally, as wedding consultants, we tend to be so busy at weddings that we are all over the place ensuring everything is going as per plan, but this fun filled 45 min slideshow made us stop and watch! What fun it was! The emcees (the dads) had some really hilarious explanations of the husband and wife qualities of their children depicted through the childhood slideshow. The DJ took on the rest of the night and boy does Kalyan know his moves! I was surprised to see someone as calm and quite as Kalyan go that crazy on the dance floor. Kudos!

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The wedding started early at 5 AM. The place was adorned with bright marigolds and floral rangolis. Annie made an entry to the mandap in a “butti” (a basket) this is a Telugu bramhin tradition very similar to the use of a doli in the north Indian weddings. Like in most south Indian weddings, lunch was laid out on a banana leaf meal- This formal sit down meal is never a let-down.

For the beautiful chemistry we’ve seen Kalyan and Annie share, there’s no doubt that this love story was meant to be and we’re glad that in some small way we got to be a part of the festivities that celebrated this lovely young couple, well that is why we love being wedding planners .

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Wedding Planners Bangalore

Make up – Harish
Photography – Vinay Aravind
Blouse design and Tailoring – Pooja – Studio Nile
Food – Guru
Venue – May flower, Vellore Tamarind tree, Bangalore.

Prioritizing Your Wedding Checklist – What To Do First And What Next

Every wedding comes with a gamut of tasks: running around to find a quality caterer, a great wedding photographer, a dreamland wedding venue, deciding on décor, finalizing invites, an Aunty to call, an Uncle to ‘not’ call, the list goes on and it’s almost always the whole nine yards with a few extras thrown in. Boom! Boom! It’s Action Time!

Now, with so much going on, what a young bride and bridegroom can easily forget to do is enjoy themselves and soak in all the attention they probably will begin to get as soon as a date is announced and even randomly so.

Fresh As A Flower

To stay fresh and lighthearted from the time your wedding planning stages begin up until your wedding day, all you need to do is focus on ‘the macro-manage’, not ‘the micro-manage’(that’s what us wedding planners are there for).

First Comes First

For the macro-management bit, you will need a checklist and this one should be together based on priorities, and not preferences. For example, you don’t need to be dwelling over the details of a dress, when a venue is not is not decided upon.  What comes first has got to come first, priority over preference really.

Seal out your budget and try to fit everything within available bandwidths. Then, move on to zeroing in on a professional and experienced wedding planner. Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning services aren’t expensive at all. In fact, when you the find the right wedding planner, you will realize that service charges will be fair and the service itself extremely necessary. When we sit down to plan a wedding we spend time with the couple, we get to know them a little better, find out everything about their likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences. We focus on what are the most important things for the couple, put it all down on paper and start executing plans of action within predetermined frameworks.

With a wedding planner firmly in place, look at deciding on your venue and décor. As far as we are concerned, nothing hogs the limelight more than a wedding venue and décor does. Yes, people will talk about how beautiful or handsome you looked on your wedding day, but they will talk twice as much or maybe even for an eternity on how beautiful or exotic your wedding venue was. Now you know why people crave for destination weddings? No surprises there.

Note: Don’t break a sweat over a décor details, leave it to the professionals. Hint on the path you want to take with this one and allow us to lead the way.

Planner, venue and décor checked, push towards finding a caterer; your wedding planner should have some suggestions in this department or you can bring to the table who you think is best.

Tip: If you went to a friend’s wedding and liked the food, try getting in touch with that particular caterer.

Dress For The Occasion

With some of the core areas taken care of, you can look at what you may want to wear for your wedding. This is where a thousand opinions may come in, your mommy dearest asking you to pick just that one saree or an uncle from the Army asking you to wear a ridiculous scarf around your neck (this is in the case of the bridegroom). But really, here, listen to your heart; it after all helped you decide on who ‘the one’ is going to be. You can bring in a good mix of what is trending, what is comfortable and what your personal statements are. The key here is not to look overdressed but to also not look a little too casual with your attire; it’s your wedding after all.

Invites: Trendy or Conservative?

Almost everything ticked off, a wedding invite can be looked at. Your wedding planner may know just the people for the designing of an invite. Make this one count, it is not a must to stick to conservative looking invitations. Here too, you can hint on the path you want to take and your wedding planner will have it done.

Tip: If you have a décor theme going on for your wedding, your wedding invite can reflect just this.

Photography: Who’s Clicking Who?

With almost everyone positioning themselves as photographers, worse still, wedding photographers, deciding on who is going to be that one guy or girl to shoot your wedding can be tricky. But going by our experiences in working with photographers and about-to-be married couples, it would do you a whole lot of good to work with a snapper who has got enough and more wedding shooting familiarities against his name. Someone who is professional, yet someone who you are comfortable around will help do the trick. As wedding planners, we always look at providing our clients with the services of some of the best wedding photographers around.

Tip: No matter how talented your neighbor’s kid seems with a camera, do not entrust him with the responsibility of shooting pictures for your wedding.

That’s about it, with priorities fixed, looks like you can get married and ‘knot’ just now.

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Wedding Plannners in BangaloreWedding Plannners Bangalore

Credits to Vijay Issac